How To Reduce Your Marketing Budget And Not Lose Quality Leads

One of the first things companies look to do over the summer or slow months is to reduce their marketing budget. Sales will be down regardless of your efforts to keep them up, so the only solution is to cut back on what you are spending including employee hours, marketing and so forth. This is standard for a lot of businesses but there’s always a trick to reducing costs while still getting quality. For example, if you reduce the [...]

Am I Marketing To The Right Audience?

Who sees your ads? If you are marketing via email, social media, display or something else, you actually have the opportunity to select your audience. If you properly target an audience for a campaign, that campaign will see a higher number of engagements. If you poorly select your audience, the campaign, despite good creative and content, will struggle. These platforms are very popular because of their targeting opportunities. Rather than randomly sending your ads out, you can select who [...]

How Does Email Marketing Work?

You’ve probably been called, been sent content or found information about email marketing. The idea seems simple enough, you send out a letter to someone and they read it, click on the links and visit your site. That’s the simple way of putting it but you have to go deeper into the process of a campaign and how it can benefit your business. Targeting Who needs to receive your content? This is the most important question you have to answer. If [...]

Call To Action, How To & Where To Use Them

You know the importance of a call to action and how it can benefit your marketing campaigns. You’ve seen the research and know that ads with a strong CTA will traditionally outperform those that do not have one. You are trying to put together an ad that is going to generate interest in your promotion and get people to your site. So, where do you begin? A great place to start is with holidays. Consumers are already looking for stores [...]

7 Tips For Increasing Repeat Business

It’s not easy or cheap to get a new customer. You can literally spend hundreds of dollars just to make a sale that nets you less than ten. So why do it? Because that single $10 purchase can give you a customer for life, meaning they spend $10 with you every month, refer you to their friends and family and help you to grow your business. Companies look at the cost of acquisition a lot differently now. Let’s use [...]

Digital Marketing: Know Your Audience

What is an audience? Many feel that it’s whoever sees your content. That’s actually not true, your audience is the people you are targeting, the people who you want to see your content. So, who is your audience? It’s an important question as it impacts every aspect of your marketing plan. For example, when you are putting together an email marketing campaign, you can select your audience based on age, location, personal interests, occupation, marital status, political affiliation and [...]

Marketing A Startup, Where To Start

At a time where many feel everything is controlled by big business, the fact is that there are more small businesses started each day than ever before. A big reason is because small companies can be started, ran and turn a profit without needing a big office or to spend thousands of dollars on employees and materials. You can start a company out of your home whether you sell something you make, make instructional videos or something else. However, [...]

Why Your Competition Is Your Best Friend In Marketing

Know thy enemy. You’ve heard it before and its good advice. The same holds true for business. The fact is that your competition offers you a unique advantage. They already know what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to marketing. Take a look at any industry and you will see similar businesses running similar ad campaigns. The reason is because they copy each other based on who is the most successful. For example, if a company that [...]

5 Advantages Of Email Marketing You Never Knew

Email marketing has been around for years and it’s only getting stronger. However, the reasons it’s getting stronger may surprise some people. It creates a unique opportunity, when combined with other marketing resources, to put your name in front of someone who may buy something from you. You aren’t hoping that they come across your ad, you aren’t waiting months for results. The same day it is sent out, you are sending that ad directly to the potential consumer. [...]

Digital Marketing Bundle

There are literally dozens of services you can do online to market your company? Which one or ones are right for you? Should you focus on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or send out emails? Which one is going to produce the best ROI and help you build a customer base that brings in sales for years to come? How do you introduce yourself to new customers without breaking the bank? These questions are easily answered with the Digital Marketing Bundle. The [...]