Using Email Marketing To Reach A New Audience

Using Email Marketing To Reach A New Audience

Unless someone has a direct need for something, the first part of marketing needs to be branding. Introducing your brand to a new audience is important for any business and it increases your chances of them buying from you if and when they need or want your services. Need proof? Walk around your local grocery store and look at what people are buying. Often, the soda aisle is the best example of this. As people walk down the soda aisle, they have over 100 products to select from. However, they usually choose the same one over and over. Why, because they love the taste more than likely but also because they know the brand.

There are other sodas on that aisle that taste great and are less expensive. However, those consumers will not even pay attention to those brands because they have never heard of them before. These brands tend to not run commercials or market any other way. Yet they wonder why no one notices them even though they are found directly next to the top competition in the industry and get thousands of views a day.

Branding is the key to marketing because people are not willing to buy something, they are not familiar with, even if it’s more affordable. So, what’s the answer when marketing options are beyond your current budget, but you need to get your name out there? Email marketing is the most cost-effective way to hit a new audience and introduce your brand to them. Here’s how it works:

Rather than having to build your own database which will cost tens of thousands of dollars and take months, you can work with agencies who have their own database of fully opted-in email addresses. Agencies like DigDev Direct can make it easier than ever to identify the best audience to market to and reach them while staying within your budget.

Imagine being able to send a million consumers that meet the specifications of your ideal customer an email each month, just so they know that you exist? Think of the advantage you now have the next time that consumer sees your name when they want to buy something that you offer. If you cannot run television and radio ads, which you really shouldn’t, if you cannot spend tens of thousands of dollars on social media, if video advertising is too expensive and Google as well is too much for your budget, then email marketing is without a doubt the best way to go to reach thousands of consumers and introduce your brand to them.

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