Political Marketing, Starting At The Beginning For 2020

Political Marketing, Starting At The Beginning For 2020

2020 will be one of the most contested years of elections in recent memory. The last four years have been very confrontational in the political world and politicians gearing up for the 2020 election are looking for new strategies to reach voters who could swing the vote one way or another. Races for all tiers of political power are tighter than ever before, including the presidential race. Politicians are limited on how they can advertise on social media platforms and throughout the Google network. There is one road map to success many people in the political arena need to follow and it starts well before November.

Step 1: Rebranding

Whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned veteran, the fact is that many undecided voters will be using Google and social media to learn about you and make their decision. However, they do not want the information to come from you, they want it to come from news sources, displaying content about things you are doing or have done, plans for the future and your topics on important issues. A rebranding campaign will reinforce your stance on major issues, push down negative content, improve your online presence for important topics voters will research as well as ensure that you are getting your message across the right way.

Step 2: Email Marketing

It’s a well-known fact that voters will often select a candidate who either represents their party or they are familiar with. The right marketing campaign can have a bigger influence on the outcome of an election than anything else. Email marketing is the best and most cost-effective way to reach those who are undecided or passionate about specific issues. It also has fewer restrictions than other platforms, but you cannot wait until the last minute. Campaigns should begin as early as June in order to begin making an impression that will be effective and beneficial.

Step 3: Social Media On The Issues

Social media restricts how you can market but that doesn’t include your stance on important issues. Rather than promoting yourself, an article tackling important issues, sent to people who show consistent interest on those topics will generate more engagement and traffic for your site. That’s a stronger and smarter way to market and get your point across while also introducing people to you.

Step 4: Keep Emailing

Just because one campaign went out doesn’t mean you’re done. You should continue to send emails at least once a month and increase that number the closer you get to November. Try tackling different topics or give people new information about you.

Step 5: The Final Push

It’s now getting closer to the end of the year and the races are heating up. This is where you need to make your final push, but the good news is that you are not introducing yourself, you are continuing a connection with voters and covering important issues. The more engagement you see, the better and that’s not going to come if you start marketing in September.

Digital marketing can have a greater impact on what happens at the pools than any other form of marketing. Using these services not only allows you to utilize your budget more effectively, but it allows you to continuously connect with audiences rather than hoping they saw an ad. Direct contact via email and social media will have more of an impact than any television commercial this year and give some candidates a major advantage over the competition.

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