Are Social Media Followers Valuable?

Are Social Media Followers Valuable?

Then, things began to change and not for the better when it came to social media marketing. These companies saw fewer and fewer followers being reached organically until now 100,000 followers means you see fewer than 5% of them being reached by your content. Now, you have to actually pay social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter to reach your own followers. Think about that one more time to ensure you get that, these people have gone onto social media, gone to your pages and selected that they wanted to follow you for more information and to stay updated on your posts.

Now you have to pay to send that content to them and to reach even more people? Even more frustrating, if someone sees your posts and decides to share them, those shares are reaching fewer people as well. How does that make any sense if you own a business? It doesn’t and you have a right to be annoyed but there is some good news.

First, you are able to capture more information from followers who engage with you than ever before. Rather than aiming for an audience without much information, sites like Facebook can help you to improve your targeting and will help your campaigns become more successful as they can help your ads reach consumers who are most likely to respond. Yes, it costs a bit more, but you see better quality and better engagement, which is the goal of any campaign. Second, you are able to capture email information and retarget to the audience via social now, which drastically improves your chances of getting real conversions. Also, you have the ability to not only reach your followers but share more options with them. For example, someone can message a business directly, call, schedule an appointment or fill out forms without leaving their social media profile.

Finally, if you are looking for a benefit to using social media for marketing, remember that consumers will research a brand via social media before they buy from them if they are new to the company. That’s a huge difference as social pages now are used to build loyalty rather than just focus on generating followers and some traffic. Brand loyalty is key to having a successful marketing campaign and keeping costs down. Yes, followers are important, but they should not be your main focus on a campaign anymore. Focus on getting people to engage your content and then turn them into followers. That’s how you utilize the platforms to be successful for your business.

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