Press Releases

Press Releases

| How it Works

Sites like the Huffington Post, Wall Street journal, Forbes and more cannot create new content for every major topic in the world so they use content written and submitted by other media sources to fill up their website. This is how you get your content in the stream.

It works well for local companies as well as national ones. Google sees hundreds and thousands of sites sharing your link so they move you up on the rankings.

  • Great for reputation management if there are a lot of negative things about the client posted and ranking on Google. When customers search for you they will find the latest news which is why you want to keep people updated.
  • Professional writing and submission services included. Some companies prefer to write their own which is fine but our professional writers can help with edits and making the release more compliant with media sites.
  • Link building which improves rankings as well as traffic by giving your site a quality link from hundreds of credible sites.
  • Fast response and brand building as sites that are viewed by your target demographic are sharing your content and bringing awareness to your company on a regular basis.

Once the release is submitted it usually takes 3-4 weeks for websites to start carrying the story. In some cases it can be faster but if you are looking to promote a major event or build interest before a holiday you want to submit the release at least 3 weeks in advance.

Realistic Expectations

When a release is sent out, depending on your industry, you should expect to see it accepted by hundreds of sites or more. Tech and new products are usually the best for approvals but even a crane company can see dozens of sites pick up their story. The benefit is that your story is ranked highly for several keywords on search terms; it helps strengthen your brand and improve your reputation when clients do research on your company. There are different tiers of releases and the higher ones include videos, more links and pictures. However, if you have a small business you do not have to concern yourself with doing a major release. Even a smaller one can gain favorable results but it’s still something every business needs.