Search Engine Optimization

Correct SEO Practices

Identifying the Right Keywords

Everyone has a different idea of what keywords they need to target. However, a quality SEO company will take the time to work with you on your selection to make sure you are targeting a mix of the top ones as well as the ones you can get the quickest traffic with. For example, if you are a realtor in Miami you would want to be ranked at the top under “Miami homes for sale,” but that is not going to happen overnight. Putting all your resources into that one term is a waste of your time and money. But if you identify terms that get quality traffic and has less competition you will see results much faster.

Finding Relevant Sites for Link Building

Link building is still important but its quality, not quantity. Getting a couple quality links from highly ranked sites is more valuable than 10,000 from sites that are irrelevant. Finding quality sites that are relevant to your industry or those that have high standing with search engines is never an easy thing to do, much less getting them to post your content as well. These sites rely on companies like DigDev Direct to provide quality content on a consistent basis so they can gain more traffic as well.

Frequent Posting

Regular content on your site is also the key as most search engines want to see constant updates on your site. It shows activity and interest. Utilizing the right key terms in your content and making sure each page on your site, no matter how important it is, will help you get better rankings and keep people on your pages longer, reducing your bounce rates.

Press Releases

PR’s are back in the good graces of Google and other search engines as there is too much news happening for them to keep up. Press release sites require the content to be good and in return you can have your link and story shared with hundreds of thousands of sites. A solid release will get you days of top rankings on search engines, months of quality links and a great amount of traffic.

Protecting Your Name

Reputation management and owning your own name have become two of the biggest motivations behind search engine marketing in the last few years. As review sites are continuing to climb up the list on search engines, companies are desperately seeking ways of keeping their name clean when customers search for more information about them.

Plan for Success

Our monthly plans are designed to give your company maximum online exposure!

SEO 'BASIC' PLAN(Bronze Package)

Site Analysis

20 Keywords Optimization

At Least 70% Keywords Ranking Assured


Onsite SEO

(domain, web pages)

Analytics & Reporting

Link Building

Local SEO


Site Analysis

100 Keywords Optimization

At Least 70% Keywords Ranking Assured


Onsite SEO

(domain, web pages, images, videos)

Analytics & Reporting

Link Building

Local SEO

SEO Services Include

Competitive Analysis

Know your internet competition and their current online marketing efforts.

Website Analysis

Improve and correct current website errors, including but not limited to 404 error pages, code structure and directory structure. Additionally, we will clean up your meta tags and descriptions.

Keyword Research & Analysis

Identify strategic keywords that improve rankings, conversions and ROI. One of these results without the others is an ineffective campaign.

SEO Copywriting & Link Building

We focus on producing and promoting valuable content online. The best way to raise your rankings and reach new audience

Have you or your company been victimized by slanderous comments being found on the first page of Google? We specialize in pushing those negative comments down off of the first few pages.

A malicious attack on your company from a frustrated customer, former employee, or even a competitor can devastate your business. Unfortunately, it does not matter if there is no legitimacy to these negative claims or comments – potential customers, current clients and investors will still see them and ultimately, you will lose, future customers or investment dollars.

Our reputation management services can suppress these negative results by dramatically pushing them down within the search engine rankings while simultaneously pushing up positive comments, giving you the best possible opportunity to make a first impression.

Contact us today to get started protecting one of your company’s most valuable assets – your online reputation!