Why My Marketing Efforts Failed In 2019 And What I Can Do Different

Why My Marketing Efforts Failed In 2019 And What I Can Do Different

Not happy with the way 2019 ended? You gained 20 pounds instead of losing them. I out savings account went in the opposite direction you wanted it to as well. You finally bought that book you wanted to read but you never opened it and that trip to that place you’ve always wanted to go to? Well if there’s always next year.

Why do we keep failing and how can we make 2020 different? The same questions and answers can be offered when it comes to marketing. Your marketing struggled in 2019 because of a few reasons. First, you waited until the last minute to get started. Then, you spent half of what your competitors spent and expected the same results.

Your website wasn’t designed to generate sales, which is something you wish you knew about when you paid to have it built. You also saw your money go into the wrong marketing services and so forth.

If you want to be successful you need to take a step back. Let’s use the example of an insurance company. Last year you avoided Google because it’s dominated by the big companies. You focused more on social media but that’s where you made your first mistake. If you were using social media to promote a blog about how to save on insurance and then retarget the people who read it, that would be one thing. However, you expected real conversions from it and you were shocked when it didn’t happen.

Yes, Google is expensive but a combination of SEO and Gmail ads will not only fit your budget but they will allow you to generate higher-quality traffic throughout the year. Plus, starting SEO early in 2020 will allow you to reach top page rankings on important keywords by the end of the year and give you even more traffic without having to pay more for it.

As you set resolutions and start working on plans to improve your efforts for the new year remember to stop getting in your own way and utilize what you know and what others can prove to you works to have a much more successful year.

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