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DigDev Direct’s Political Marketing Division leverages thirty plus years of experience on Capitol Hill with superior data mining and technology to offer a Merged Super Voter File constantly updated with voter files, a vast array of consumer files and mobile and social contacts. One master database replaces duplicate and inefficient efforts of separate donor lists, voter outreach lists and voter registration drive lists.

Multi-Sourced Consumers

Multi sourced consumer file with billions of records on over 280 million records with address, phone, email and mobile. Each record contains over 300 demographic and psychographic attributes attached to records.

Overlaid with 120 million voter records from all state voter files, wherever legal to obtain them.

Ability to segment file and pull counts based on voter history, party affiliation, age, income, ethnicity, gender, gun owners, donors, etc.

Voter Propensity Scoring

Those most and least likely to vote based on past history (in states w/o history we have modeled most likely, least likely voters using 75 point comparison between them and those in neighboring states).

Conversion Propensity Scoring

All known Independents and Democrats based on 105 point comparison to voting Republicans.

Social Influence Scoring

To identify the primary contacts within various social circles to help identify where dollars should be focused.

Ability to pull lists based on congressional districts and state congressional districts.

Ability to reach young 18-24 voters effectively through text and app based contacts.

Voter Filters

• Data Type
• Postal (default)
• Email Address
• Mobile Number
• Geographic Selects
• State
• County
• City
• Zip

• Radius
• Congressional District
• House District
• Senate District
• Gender
• Home Owner
• Marital Status
• Presence of Children
• Veteran in Household
• Household Income
• Ethnicity

• Religion
• Birth Date
• Party
• Social Influencer Scoring

• Number of Times Voted in the Last 10 Years
• Propensity to Vote in the Next Election
• Propensity to Vote Republican (for Non Registered Rep)
• Voter History