Online reputation management

How Does Online Reputation Management Work?

Ready to glow up your online reputation? 
Here’s everything you need to know! What Is Online Reputation Management? Online reputation management is the practice of maintaining vigilance over how your business is perceived on the internet. Many businesses opt to highlight positive reviews and glowing testimonies of past customers on their website, in their ads, and in their emails in order to communicate all the success that is possible in working with them. But when a customer drops a bad review [...]

Mobile Ads advertising

Why Use Mobile Advertising?

Mobile commerce, also known as m-commerce, has grown exponentially in recent years, and is projected to hit $488B, or about 44 percent of all e-commerce, by 2024. This is big news for online marketers seeking to get their product or service in front of buyers in the coming years. As a result, marketers are using mobile advertising more frequently and seeing incredible benefits. Are you ready to optimize your advertising strategy for mobile? We’re here to help. What Is [...]

best email marketing solutions

What Is Permission-Based Email Marketing?

Permission-based email marketing is one of the best ways to ensure that the people who opt in to your email list will actually get all the emails you worked so hard to create. It is essentially the opposite of non-permission-based email marketing, in which the marketer might attempt to sell to emails on a list they have purchased or otherwise procured without the permission of the email owner. Simply put, choosing to engage in permission-based email marketing means that [...]

All You Need to Know About B2B Data Enrichment Services

  Ever wondered if it was possible to get more personal information about your email leads than just their email? It is! As among the Top 10 Fort Lauderdale Digital Marketing Agencies, we make it easy to find out more about the roles played by the people on your email list so that you can create highly targeted, personalized emails that are more compelling to your readers. What Is B2B Data Enrichment? B2B data enrichment is the practice of getting to [...]

Best Email Marketing Service

Are You Working With the Best Email Marketing Service? Watch These 3 Stats

Are you truly working with the best email marketing provider out there? Or could you do better with a different solution? Find out more about the data that should guide your decisions. Any agency could tell you they offer the best email marketing service you can buy. Look through their glossy catalogs, and you just might start to believe them. But what happens after you've sent an email or two? Are you getting everything you were promised? At DigDev Direct, we don't [...]

Permission-Based Email Marketing

3 Ways to Make Permission-Based Email Marketing More Personal

Permission-based email marketing involves asking before you send. But your subscribers may still ignore your notes. Follow these three tips to boost your engagement rates. Permission-based email marketing starts with a question: "Can I send you notes from time to time?" People who agree start to get your marketing notes. But that doesn't mean they'll read everything you send. In fact, they may not read any of your notes at all. Analysts say it's become commonplace for us to ignore and dismiss [...]

B2B Email Marketing

4 Tips to Make Your B2B Email Marketing Work on Mobile

Most of your subscribers will read your B2B email marketing messages on their mobile devices. Learn how to make your intent shine through with compelling words and design. In 2013, about half of all cellphone users read email on their tiny screens. Nearly a decade later, it's likely we all read email on our phones. If you're planning to use B2B email marketing, you must ensure that your messages work on mobile. Start with these four tips. And remember: If you [...]

digital email marketing

Why You Should Blend Digital & Direct Marketing

Combining your digital and direct marketing approaches could help you reach more consumers, and perhaps you could boost your sales too. Find out why this technique is so important, and learn how to do it right.  Promotion choices are often presented in black-and-white terms. Sometimes, gray is best. For example, mixing your digital and direct marketing approaches could help you reach even more customers.  At DigDev Direct, we believe in the power of blended campaigns. Let us tell you how this [...]

best email marketing solutions

3 Attributes of the Best Email Marketing Solutions

The best email marketing solutions are easy to use, driven by data, and backed up by support. Find out why these attributes matter and how to find a company with all three.   How can you separate the best email marketing systems from their less competent counterparts? It’s a relatively easy task to accomplish. Look for these three attributes that most reputable, helpful martech companies share.  Easy to Use  The average marketing professional is harried, tired, and stressed. In studies, about [...]