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| Brief Overview

Mobile Banner Advertising is one of the fastest growing segments of advertising and with over 2,000+ publishers at your disposal; the ability to reach your target audience on their handheld device has never been greater.

Mobile Banner Advertising is continuing to show tremendous results for national brands and as technology has increased, an increasing number of local businesses have tapped into this powerful channel to reach their target audience on a local level.

Mobile vs Web Advertising

Mobile Banner Advertising is very similar in concept to traditional Web Banner Advertising; however, Mobile Banners typically deliver 2 to 5 times the interaction rates as online banners because there is usually only a single mobile advertisement per mobile page.

Quick Facts

• 5+ Billion Mobile Ad Impressions Per Month
• 2,000+ Publishers
• National, Regional, Local & Zip-Code Targeting
• Broad Platform Support: WAP, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Tablet

Popular Uses

• Click
• Retail Promotions
• Mobile Video (:30 Seconds)
• Mobile Survey
• Fund Raising

Target Specific Categories

• Men
• Women
• Health
• Money
• Technology
• Finance
• Lifestyle
• Local Search
• News & Information
• Sports
• Social
• Weather
• Automotive
• Travel
• Hispanic
• Entertainment