Social Media Marketing

Social Capabilities

Direct Connection to Customers

The majority of your customers are going to be on social media and it is a great platform to reach them, especially on their phones. One of the main advantages of social media marketing is that you are going directly to the customer rather than waiting and hoping for them to find you.


It may not get you a sale today, but branding is more important than ever. The next time you walk into a grocery store go to a group of products you do not normally buy. It can be something like ant spray, dishwasher fluid or something else. Notice the first one you usually grab for is the name you are most familiar with. But if you never buy it how are you familiar with the brand? Because of their advertising efforts, you have that familiarity with their name which makes you more likely to buy their product than someone else’s.

Reputation Management

Because profiles like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are now ranked so highly on search engines they can actually push down sites that have negative reviews and comments about you. Pushing down the bad is important for any company that has an online presence.


Rather than having to concern yourself on what platform to advertise to maximize coverage, you already know that the majority of your potential customers are on social media. This puts your promotion directly in front of them whether they are looking on their phone, tablet or computer.

Followers -vs- Clicks

When you put money into PPC you get fast results which are great. However, you are paying for clicks, whether the person buys from your website or not. It’s still a very important area of internet marketing but if you have a smaller budget you may want to put it towards Facebook and Instagram advertising instead. The reason is that when you advertise on social media you are getting followers rather than clicks. A click may lead to a direct sale right then and there but a follower is someone who will see your posts for the entire year.