Selling Cosmetics & Clothes On LinkedIn?

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Selling Cosmetics & Clothes On LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is well known as the top social media site for connecting with professionals, especially in fields like real estate, insurance, finance, healthcare and so forth. It’s a site where people literally upload their experience and skillset and wait for others to contact them based on those details. You can connect with people in your field or even others and learn more about products and services that can benefit you and so forth. It’s a great platform to use and like all other major social media sites, it allows businesses to market to its users.

So, who markets on LinkedIn? Usually the companies you would expect; those focusing on B2B sales and offering products and services that would benefit businesses. This includes things like a new software system, marketing companies, continuing education courses, life insurance and more. That makes complete sense as the people who use this social media site would be interested in those. However, over the last year or so there seems to be a new trend when it comes to marketing on LinkedIn. More and more cosmetic and fashion businesses are marketing on the platform to reach their audience?

Why are they doing this? Women are not going to this site to buy makeup or a new dress. Is this a waste of ad budget and poor strategy on the side of these companies? No, it’s actually brilliant strategy. People are on LinkedIn during the workday, meaning they are not driving or watching television. They are on there with focus, trying to connect and interact with other professionals rather than just browsing through images and videos. Along with that, these ads are going to stand out far more on this site than they would Instagram, Facebook or Twitter where you would see dozens of their competitors marketing to the same audience.

LinkedIn has become the latest place for businesses to marketing, but not from a B2B standpoint. This audience still consists of millions of consumers and sending ads to this audience on a social media platform they are giving more attention to is not only smart but provides a unique opportunity to reach an audience the competition hasn’t reached yet. Creativity in marketing is key if you want to be successful and establish your brand above all others.

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