Selecting The Best Holiday Call-To-Actions

Selecting The Best Holiday Call-To-Actions

For some, a call to action may seem easy to figure out. What’s so hard about putting “Click here to learn more” on an image? However, one of the mistakes businesses make during their marketing campaign is that they take their CTA for granted and do not do enough research on what the goal of each campaign is.


For most businesses, the goal of the campaign is to get sales. However, the problem is that you cannot immediately introduce content to a consumer and expect results. It takes dozens of impressions to the same consumer before you can expect to see reliable traffic and conversions which is why your marketing strategy needs to be adjusted accordingly. An effective CTA can help improve your conversion rates and enhance your campaign ROI. Here are some examples of popular CTA’s businesses use during the holiday season:


  • Click here to learn more: The standard CTA you see on most emails, social media posts and other forms of internet advertising. This simple, but effective call to action encourages the viewer to follow the link for more information. You are not trying to sell them on anything, you are simply trying to get them to go to a page where they can learn more about your offer, the products or services you have and your business.


  • Call today: Very straightforward and direct. No clicks, no research, just call us for more information. This is a great strategy for businesses who have a team of salespeople waiting for the phone to ring. You do not want to run the risk of having someone go to a page and lose interest. You want them the directly call you and take it from there.


  • Join today for free: Collecting consumer information is a great way to generate long-term business. Remember, even if your product or service is more expensive, consumers are much more likely to buy from you if they are familiar with your brand. Offering them an incentive to join a membership group or sign up for a free account on your website not only helps you to collect their information but ensures that they are engaging your site and staying with you.


  • Enter for your chance to win: A free promotion is a great way to capture consumer information. For example, if you are an author and trying to run a Black Friday promotion to your Amazon page, you are introducing your book and name to millions of consumers who have never heard of you and asking them for their money. The chances are low that you will get a sale, even if you are offering the book at a low price and using a trusted platform like Amazon. Instead, you should focus on a promotion that gives a book away for free and encourages the viewer to sign up with their email for an entry into the contest. By going this route, you are capturing thousands of emails and can start sending out monthly newsletters to your audience. Then, when you are ready to send them information on a sale, they are familiar with your brand and your chances of getting conversions are much higher.


  • Try it today for free: If you have a product or service that you can give someone an experience with for free, this is a great CTA to use. For example, if you are selling energy drinks and you are willing to send out small bottles and samples to people to try, this not only allows you to capture their information but ensures that they get to try your product. Then, once they’ve sampled it, you can send them a follow-up email where they get to make their first purchase at a discounted price.


The goal of a call to action is to create a sense of urgency in the consumer. Especially during the holiday season, the average consumer is going to see hundreds, if not thousands of ads. A strong CTA is the best way to urge them to engage your content and either click to your website, sign up for something or even give you a call. This is something that every marketing and advertising campaign needs to utilize, and the right CTA ensures that you are getting a better response to your ads.

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