How Can You Use DigDev Direct’s Data?

How Can You Use DigDev Direct’s Data?

By now, you are familiar with the fact that DigDev Direct has one of the most comprehensive databases in the country and can utilize this data to enhance your digital marketing solutions. But what does that mean? How does that work, and can you see results? Results are tricky because you have to understand the way digital marketing works and the customer journey. Let’s begin with how to use our database.

Identifying and Selecting An Audience

You can take 200-400 records from your own database and run it through our profiling tool. This will help identify attributes of your customers that are similar like age, gender, income, credit score, personal interests, political affiliations, if they are married, where they live and so much more. Then, using those attributes, we can identify a target audience that’s similar and literally tell you how many records we have in our system that stack up.

Starting A Campaign

The next step is to start creating content for multiple channels to reach this audience. Because we have email, postal records and more, we can literally reach this audience via email marketing, social media and banner advertising and you can send them postal records. We can also incorporate retargeting which ensures that your ads will follow the visitor around for months.

Game of Impressions

Marketing is about impressions. Whenever someone sees your ad, even if they barely notice it, you are able to introduce your brand to them and continue to remind them of your existence. This is a valuable tool because each platform offers different levels of retention. Email has one of the highest forms of retention because the recipient sees the company name and subject, even if they want to delete it. Social media is also great because it’s a platform they continually use throughout the day.

Rather than hitting the entire audience with postal ads, which can jack up the price of your campaign, you can target only the people who opened your emails or engaged with your ads. The ideal campaign will run for several months so that your content can reach the audience dozens of times. You cannot expect to reach someone once or twice and see results.

Think Of Yourself As A Consumer

Rarely have you ever seen an ad on Facebook or received an email and ended up buying it. What typically happens is that you are focused on something else and you don’t give much attention to the ads for months. Then, you finally become familiar with the brand and see a new ad that catches your interest. You click on it to research the offer and then head to Google to research the company.

Even though you are researching everything, you still may not be ready to buy. This is where retargeting comes in as it has the promotion follow you around until you are finally ready to engage and buy from the company. Other businesses gave up or focused on a different audience but the one that stuck with you for months, reaching you dozens of times with their content, was the one you finally bought from.

That’s how database marketing works and how DigDev Direct can help you.

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