Why you need to start Retargeting right now!

Why you need to start Retargeting right now!

Not sure if retargeting is right for you or even what it is? Have you ever visited a website and days or weeks later noticed an advertisement from that site on a completely different page. It could be a sports teams’ ad that’s on a plumber’s website. It doesn’t make any sense for it to be there but it is. How did they put it there, how did they know that you would be there? The answer is simple, your visit to that page was tracked and Google, as well as other platforms are placing advertisements from that page on other websites you visit. It’s an effective way to get more attention to your creative and it has worked for small businesses for years. These are just some of the benefits of this type of advertising:

  • Cost-effective: If you do not have a big budget but you are getting good traffic, this is a great way of putting your ads in front of the audience without having to pay to introduce yourself too them. Remember, these are people who have already been to your site so you are only paying for views from an audience that is familiar with you.
  • Higher conversion rates: When compared to other marketing services, this option has one of the highest conversion rates because it’s showing ads and a company name that the viewer has already seen. This improves loyalty and people are much more comfortable buying online from a company they’ve already seen.
  • Works with multiple marketing strategies: Whether you are advertising on Facebook, Google or other platforms, these ads are following people that visit your website which means as long as you are generating traffic, this tool can be used to reinforce your original efforts.
  • Builds brand awareness: Yes, the goal of every business is to get sales. However, the first goal is to get your brand in front of the eyes of the audience. Whether people find you through PPC or SEO on Google or they see an ad you are running on display, email or Facebook and other social media platforms, they will then see your ad and company name again and again, increasing awareness of your name.
  • Puts you on other sites: It doesn’t matter if you are an air conditioning company in Boca Raton. If someone visits your page and then is looking at a site for an event in Chicago, they are going to see your ads following them around. You are literally advertising on thousands of websites, expanding your reach across the web.

Regardless of what you are doing for marketing, you need to add retargeting to your campaign to ensure that once you get a visit, you are encouraging that visitor to come back to your page again and again. That’s how you increase conversion rates and improve customer retention.


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