A Top Digital Direct Marketing Campaign Will Bolster Your Business

digital direct marketing

A Top Digital Direct Marketing Campaign Will Bolster Your Business

For top-notch digital direct marketing, contact DigDev Direct, and watch your search-engine rankings soar, your customer acquisitions increase and your brand flourish.

What would happen if you could combine the personalization of one-on-one communication to customers with the broad exposure of reaching a huge audience at an affordable cost? The best of both is possible with digital direct marketing provided by industry leader, DigDev. Based in Florida and serving clients worldwide, we offer a unique blend of customer acquisition and retention programs including email advertising, email appending, customer profiling, analytics and mobile ad networking that zoom in on a target audience and make contact with the right people at the right time via their web browsers, mobile phones or email addresses. Our products are innovative, scalable, reliable and guaranteed to be profitable for your company’s promotional needs.

Most savvy business owners know that connecting with customers via email is essential for personalization. Currently, an estimated 4 billion people regularly use email worldwide. We can harness the power of more than 280 million permission-based consumer email addresses with matching postal information to help you acquire new customers. With cutting-edge technology, we have a repository of more than 300 different demographic and lifestyle attributes on all our subscribers so we can execute precisely targeted campaigns that find the consumers most interested in your product or service. With both digital and direct marketing, we will match your offer to the right people based on their income, gender, interests and locale through email, postal mail or both. And the benefits are multiplied when new customer relationships are formed and then shared with friends and family. Of course, we don’t forget the 3.5 million smart phone users in the world. Our permission-based mobile network can help you reach 82 million mobile subscribers based on similar lifestyle attributes, as well. This interactive and personal strategy is the ideal way to reach grab-and-go customers on the move. We even offer short message service by sending texts to our mobile subscribers. This can help move customer traffic to a website, or to a brick-and-mortar store to redeem a coupon or to the phone to dial into a call center. Super speed and fast results with a personal touch. All of these services are possible with the strategists, data technicians and branding experts at DigDev; contact us today.

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