10 Ways To Cut Costs On Your Marketing Without Losing Traffic

how to trim marketing budget

10 Ways To Cut Costs On Your Marketing Without Losing Traffic

It’s hard to admit it, but sometimes you need to cut costs because you’ve maxed out on the sales you can get, or your competition is too strong to compete with financially. This doesn’t mean you should stop marketing; it means you need to trim your budget. However, it cannot be at the cost of the traffic and potential sales you are currently generating. There are some things you can do that will trim those costs and still allow you to market your brand including:

  1. Drive traffic to one site: One of the biggest mistakes that we see companies make is that they divide their traffic up to different landing pages and sites. Yes, you have different services and products to sell but if you are focusing general traffic to specific pages, you are going to pay more on running those campaigns.
  2. Add retargeting: One thing companies always forget to do is add retargeting. You are paying so much to generate traffic, but you do not incorporate retargeting that allows you to keep ads in front of those who visited your business. That’s not a good idea because a click on retargeting can be very affordable.
  3. Capture emails: If you have people coming to your site, why not do everything you can to capture their email? It allows you to reach them over and over again without having to pay per click or impression.
  4. Pinpoint when to run promotions: Sometimes you make the mistake of running ads too often. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is a bit much and can be a big reason why your campaigns are getting a little too expensive.
  5. Run ads after-hours: You would be amazed at how good the traffic is between the hours of 11 pm and 7 am. Why? Because other companies aren’t spending their money marketing so you can get a better cost per click and more visibility to consumers.
  6. Add display ads during the peak hours of the day: The cost per click during peak hours is usually when you pay more. So, why not switch your search budget over to display. Your CPC will go down, but you will still get quality traffic.
  7. Motivate people to add you on social media: It’s cheaper to run ads to your own followers on social media which gives you extra motivation to make sure that people who buy from you or are interested in your products and services follow you on your social media pages.
  8. Setup Google Business Listings: If you haven’t done so already, make sure you register your site and business with Google. This is important because it makes it so that your business can be found locally when people are looking for something relevant to your company.
  9. Lower your bids on AdWords: What are you paying per click on Google? If it’s $20, find a way to either lower your bid or your overall budget. Google is still going to focus on getting you traffic because they want your money but getting traffic from the bottom of page one or the top of page two can sometimes be better because it means they have tried to contact your competition and for whatever reason were not happy.
  10. List with directories: Directories are a great way to have customers find you and they spend their money and efforts trying to get people to their site. Rather than you paying for the same traffic, take advantage of the traffic these sites are already generating.

As you look for ways to cut the costs of your marketing efforts without losing all your progress, you will find these tips to be helpful and give your business a chance to maintain the traffic you’ve already gotten used to generating. However, don’t forget that you will need to eventually crank the budget up if you want to make a real push and get traffic to your site back up, especially during certain holiday weekends and seasons where your potential for sales is much higher.

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