We Can Market That

We Can Market That

How many times have you heard that you can’t market a product or service online? Platforms like Google and Facebook limit what you can send consumers, and, in some cases, it creates a serious gap in your marketing capabilities. CBD is a great example as you cannot market via Google AdWords or Facebook with few exceptions. Business owners and entrepreneurs are growing impatient with the fact that they cannot market their products and services on these platforms because they are extremely popular and used by consumers throughout the day.

A company ranked on the top page of Google can generate new sales every day while a company not ranked on Google may have to spend up to three times as much in their marketing to generate the same amount of business. Without a strong online presence, your company is going to struggle to generate sales. However, how can you build a presence if these platforms aren’t allowing you to?

Understand What Your Options Are

The majority of these sites and platforms aren’t telling you that you cannot have a presence with them, they are saying your options for aggressively marketing to people are limited with them. For example, a CBD or medical marijuana company may not be able to run Facebook ads or do Google AdWords, but they will be able to be ranked on SEO and have an active Facebook page where they can organically build a following and promote to those followers.

Best Ways To Market Your Business:

Data is king with this type of marketing. Via email, display ads, postal and more, you can target people who have an interest in these products and services, market to them and get more traffic, fast and for a low price. Imagine being able to send someone who has an interest in CBD products an email which introduces your brand and also shows them reasons to buy from you.

Then, you can target the same audience with display ads throughout the web. These ads will appear on sites they visit and apps they use. The next step, utilizing retargeting to run new promotions to people who have visited your site. They are already familiar with your brand and now you can display new content and offers to them to try to get them to come back to your site. Here’s an easier way to breakdown a campaign:

Utilizing these services will allow you to generate cost-effective traffic to the right audience:

  • Email marketing: You can target people who have a specific interest in the products or services you offer and get your message delivered to their inbox.
  • Display advertising: By running banner ads to a targeted audience, your content can be viewed on thousands of sites and apps.
  • SEO: People will still go to Google to research a business or to learn more about a product or service. Without a strong Google presence, you are missing out on organic conversions.
  • Postal marketing: If you have sent multiple emails to a consumer, why not follow up with a postcard in the mail offering a new promotion?

When you speak with a marketing company that can offer more than one or two services, the first thing you will notice is that there are real, cost-effective ways to market your brand and get the right consumers to visit your site. Want to learn how? Let’s talk!

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