How To Make Your Marketing Efforts Stand Out

How To Make Your Marketing Efforts Stand Out

You’re doing email marketing, social media, SEO, PPC, re-targeting, videos and everything else you can think of and you still aren’t getting the results you want from your marketing efforts. This happens a lot and you can begin to second guess yourself. The first thing you need to do is to be patient. Results will come, they just take time. Even your PPC campaign needs to be tweaked and adjusted on a regular basis. However, there’s always something you can do to give your campaign a little more pop and stand out from the rest.

Remember, it’s not necessarily that you’re doing anything wrong. It’s either that it needs more time or your competitors are doing the exact same thing. If you own a car dealership and you are having a big Memorial Day Weekend Sale, how do you separate yourself from the other 50 car dealerships in your area that are having the same thing?

Here are a few things you can do to stand out from the rest:

  • Weekly Emails: Don’t be afraid to put yourself directly in front of a potential consumer. Email marketing is a great way to introduce yourself to a new audience, build brand awareness and keep people updated on what you’re doing.
  • Write A Blog: One of the problems with content is that if it’s 100% promotional you are never going to build followers. You need to have a steady stream of informative content that people can see. Not only will this help you get traffic from Google, but it also keeps people on your site. A car dealership can have a blog covering topics like; comparing new and used cars, things to look for before buying a new truck, when is the best time to buy, etc. These are things that will get more interaction and shares than the best promotions.
  • Listen To The Consumer: Your customers are telling you something and you need to listen. It’s not just that they want better service at a cheaper price. They want to be informed; they want to know how to get more out of their experience. Give them what they want and they will not only buy from you, but they will recommend you to everyone else as well.
  • Have A Contest: People love contests, especially on social media. Offer a free giveaway once you reach 10,000 followers; give someone a $100 towards your products if they share your post or something like that. This will increase interaction and followers.
  • Don’t Be Cheap: Obviously, you need to make more money than you are spending in order to have a successful business. However, penny pinching is never a good thing because it reflects on your business. If someone sees you went cheap, they believe your services or products are cheap as well.

The main thing you need to do to improve your marketing campaign is to make sure it’s active. Whether you are running Google ads, promoting yourself on social media and/or doing email marketing, keep it going. Doing one thing every once in a while is not going to get you anywhere. You need to have an active campaign that builds your brand and gets followers.

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