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What Is Permission-Based Email Marketing?

Permission-based email marketing is one of the best ways to ensure that the people who opt in to your email list will actually get all the emails you worked so hard to create. It is essentially the opposite of non-permission-based email marketing, in which the marketer might attempt to sell to emails on a list they have purchased or otherwise procured without the permission of the email owner. Simply put, choosing to engage in permission-based email marketing means that [...]

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Are You Working With the Best Email Marketing Service? Watch These 3 Stats

Are you truly working with the best email marketing provider out there? Or could you do better with a different solution? Find out more about the data that should guide your decisions. Any agency could tell you they offer the best email marketing service you can buy. Look through their glossy catalogs, and you just might start to believe them. But what happens after you've sent an email or two? Are you getting everything you were promised? At DigDev Direct, we don't [...]

Permission-Based Email Marketing

3 Ways to Make Permission-Based Email Marketing More Personal

Permission-based email marketing involves asking before you send. But your subscribers may still ignore your notes. Follow these three tips to boost your engagement rates. Permission-based email marketing starts with a question: "Can I send you notes from time to time?" People who agree start to get your marketing notes. But that doesn't mean they'll read everything you send. In fact, they may not read any of your notes at all. Analysts say it's become commonplace for us to ignore and dismiss [...]

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Why You Should Blend Digital & Direct Marketing

Combining your digital and direct marketing approaches could help you reach more consumers, and perhaps you could boost your sales too. Find out why this technique is so important, and learn how to do it right.  Promotion choices are often presented in black-and-white terms. Sometimes, gray is best. For example, mixing your digital and direct marketing approaches could help you reach even more customers.  At DigDev Direct, we believe in the power of blended campaigns. Let us tell you how this [...]

best email marketing solutions

3 Attributes of the Best Email Marketing Solutions

The best email marketing solutions are easy to use, driven by data, and backed up by support. Find out why these attributes matter and how to find a company with all three.   How can you separate the best email marketing systems from their less competent counterparts? It’s a relatively easy task to accomplish. Look for these three attributes that most reputable, helpful martech companies share.  Easy to Use  The average marketing professional is harried, tired, and stressed. In studies, about [...]

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B2B Data: Your Email Marketing Secret Weapon

Try data to give your B2B email marketing programs more power and efficacy. Find out how to make data work, and how else you can use it in your marketing programs. B2B data can be the difference between campaigns that work and those that fail. Among marketers who meet their goals, more than half use data. They bake it into almost every project they share with their communities. We believe data paired with B2B email marketing has special power. But we have [...]

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3 Ingredients for Digital Marketing Success: SEO, Email, Direct

Combine SEO, email, and direct options into one digital marketing program. You'll have a recipe for success. Find out about the solutions we offer at DigDev Direct. What term would you use you describe your digital marketing options? If the word "overwhelming" springs to mind, you're not alone. Plenty of people look over the sea of options open to them, and they feel paralyzed. Stop, take a deep breath, and prepare for good news. The traditional sales funnel model you studied years [...]

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How Is Permission-Based Email Different Than Spam?

Ask before you hit send, and you're using permission-based email techniques. Find out why this sets you apart from spammers, and learn how DigDev Direct can help. You've written up an amazing email message, and you just know everyone will love to read it. You're tempted to blast that note to everyone and hope someone bites. It might be time to pause. Researchers say consumers hate unsolicited email marketing messages more than they hate printed spam that clogs their home mailboxes. Permission-based [...]

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Top Reasons Direct Email Marketing Services Will Transform Your Business

To grow your business with new prospects who become repeat customers, contact DigDev, the industry leader that delivers exceptional direct email marketing services that guarantee a phenomenal return on investment and a major transformation in sales. You can sell until the cows come home, but if you’re not improving relationships with customers, you’re not growing your business. Targeting recipients is key. People want to be engaged, courted and made to feel that they’re not just a face in a crowd [...]