4 Tips to Make Your B2B Email Marketing Work on Mobile

B2B Email Marketing

4 Tips to Make Your B2B Email Marketing Work on Mobile

Most of your subscribers will read your B2B email marketing messages on their mobile devices. Learn how to make your intent shine through with compelling words and design.

In 2013, about half of all cellphone users read email on their tiny screens. Nearly a decade later, it’s likely we all read email on our phones. If you’re planning to use B2B email marketing, you must ensure that your messages work on mobile.

Start with these four tips. And remember: If you need help crafting the right audience for your note, we can help at DigDev Direct.

  1. Cut Back on Images.

Mobile devices are powerful, but they’re not as fast as the computer sitting on your desk. Load your B2B email marketing notes with big images and moving graphics, and you’ll slow down delivery.

How long do you think your readers will wait for your note to load? And if it won’t load, what will they do? Both of these messages lead to the garbage can. Avoid it with stripped design.

  1. Try Buttons, Not Links.

You want someone to do something after reading your B2B email marketing. You could entice them to:

  • Buy something.
  • Call you.
  • Visit a blog post.
  • Ask for more information.

Make these CTAs pop with big buttons that beg to be clicked. Don’t make your audience tap hard-to-see links.

  1. Keep It Short and Snappy

Most cellphone users spend about 15 seconds on your B2B email marketing messages. If you don’t grab them within this time, they’ll click away to something new and more interesting.

Make your text compelling with:

  • Edits. Cut anything that isn’t absolutely necessary.
  • Grouping. Gather similar pieces of content rather than asking people to hunt and peck.
  • Breaking. Use bullets and paragraphs to eliminate blocks of text.
  1. Test Before You Send.

You’ve seen B2B email marketing examples of notes gone wrong. Don’t become part of this gallery.

Test your notes on different devices, and repeat the program until everything looks perfect.

Remember that we’re here to help you with your B2B email marketing. Examples of our work are available, and we’d love to share them with you! Contact us to find out more.

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