Online reputation management

How Does Online Reputation Management Work?

Ready to glow up your online reputation? 
Here’s everything you need to know! What Is Online Reputation Management? Online reputation management is the practice of maintaining vigilance over how your business is perceived on the internet. Many businesses opt to highlight positive reviews and glowing testimonies of past customers on their website, in their ads, and in their emails in order to communicate all the success that is possible in working with them. But when a customer drops a bad review [...]

Mobile Ads advertising

Why Use Mobile Advertising?

Mobile commerce, also known as m-commerce, has grown exponentially in recent years, and is projected to hit $488B, or about 44 percent of all e-commerce, by 2024. This is big news for online marketers seeking to get their product or service in front of buyers in the coming years. As a result, marketers are using mobile advertising more frequently and seeing incredible benefits. Are you ready to optimize your advertising strategy for mobile? We’re here to help. What Is [...]

best email marketing solutions

What Is Permission-Based Email Marketing?

Permission-based email marketing is one of the best ways to ensure that the people who opt in to your email list will actually get all the emails you worked so hard to create. It is essentially the opposite of non-permission-based email marketing, in which the marketer might attempt to sell to emails on a list they have purchased or otherwise procured without the permission of the email owner. Simply put, choosing to engage in permission-based email marketing means that [...]

5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Marketing

5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Marketing

I’m pretty sure you’re thinking about your next marketing power move, right? This article was written with you in mind, especially, if you are looking for ways to improve their internet marketing. At DigDev Direct we provide a wide range of services to companies around the world. 1. Paid Social Media Promotions Everyone that has a business or product should be using paid social media marketing promotions. The problem is that most people aren't sure how to use it properly. By starting [...]

Snippet Opportunities that can boast your marketing by DigDev Direct

Featured Snippet Opportunities That Can Boost Your Internet Marketing

Getting snippets featured on Google search engine results is a blessing. It helps your website get ranked higher. When your target keywords gets ranked higher you’ll also receive more traffic. All of which increases your bottom-line. Featured snippet types can be seen as paragraphs, images, lists, or tables. How these featured snippets are revealed are based on how you layout your website. 3 Things Needed For Your Featured Snippet Keyword Research Questions Answered Top Ranking Keywords & URL’s   START WITH KEYWORD [...]

Marketing During Women History Month

Marketing During Women History Month

March is a very exciting month for women all over the world. It’s even a bigger time of the year for businesswomen. Marketing your company’s services and/or products during this month can be very lucrative, if it’s done correctly. The general public is normally more anxious to support women during Woman’s History Month. It’s obvious why, if you’re a Boss Lady, but as for our businessmen in Corporate America, below are a few reasons that may spark your interest. Why [...]

5 Ways To Use Social Listening For Your Business

With Social Listening there are multiple ways to take advantage Customer Service Timing is important – always has and always will. Especially in today’s microwave society where nearly everything in business can be done on a smartphone.  Social listening allows you to completely be in touch with your customer base. No one wants to wait days or weeks to get a reply from an issue that have with a particular company or product. The new trend is to go straight [...]


Though many people practice email marketing to promote their goods and services, some don't know the difference between spam and opt-in email marketing. It's understandable. DigDev Direct makes ensures you are not spamming and only executing proper email broadcasts. Spam vs. opt-in email: definitions Bulk email spam: Spam is any email sent for commercial purposes without permission from the receiver. This means that if you're sending emails to your friends, family and colleagues, it does not qualify as spam. However, if you're [...]


Newest products increase reach and frequency of branding and messaging Deerfield Beach, FL (PRWEB) June 04, 2014 DigDev Direct has announced the launch of Email Plus, the latest addition to its suite of multi-channel marketing solutions for its clients. DigDev Direct is a multi-channel infomediary with unique data and proprietary technologies that services clients in a wide array of industries. The company’s client roster includes Fortune 1000 Brands, leading advertising agencies, and local small to medium-sized businesses. The launch of Email Plus allows [...]


In 03′ a new email record with as much as a first and last name not yet on the market was gold. 10 years later, email has evolved; it’s not just about a name.  It’s about what’s known about that name. Even you’re not exempt: your name is almost certainly in a database (with your physical and email address).  But so is nearly everyone’s. You’re a consumer just like the person next to you — regardless of the level at which you [...]