Why You Should Blend Digital & Direct Marketing

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Why You Should Blend Digital & Direct Marketing

Combining your digital and direct marketing approaches could help you reach more consumers, and perhaps you could boost your sales too. Find out why this technique is so important, and learn how to do it right. 

Promotion choices are often presented in black-and-white terms. Sometimes, gray is best. For example, mixing your digital and direct marketing approaches could help you reach even more customers. 

At DigDev Direct, we believe in the power of blended campaigns. Let us tell you how this works. 

Tap Into Database Email Marketing 

Most customers need seven interactions with your brand before they make a purchase. Email is one of the fastest and easiest ways to put your name in front of a potential client over and over again. 

Database email marketing involves:

  • Opt-in lists. People agree to get email messages from companies that offer helpful products and services. 
  • Targeting. You choose people that have attributes that fit closely with your brand. 
  • Messaging. You send digital email marketing messages to the people you’ve chosen.

You can repeat this cycle as often as you’d like. Each time, you’re ensuring that people find out who you are and why you’re valuable. In time, those notes could turn into requests for demonstrations, pricing, and more. 

At DigDev Direct, we have one of the largest database email marketing programs available. We can help you find and connect with the people who matter most. 

Blend Email With Digital Marketing 

More than three-quarters of customers say making a purchase is complex. They attempt to simplify the process by doing their homework online before they reach out to sales. Digital marketing is crucial here.

Digital marketing approaches include:

  • Search engine optimization, so your content appears high in Google results.
  • Reputation management, so customers read only happy news about you.
  • Paid search, so your ads appear before organic results. 

Use the same messages in your digital marketing campaigns that you’ve used in email, and you work as a reinforcer. Customers will see the same benefits and notes repeatedly, and each time, they’ll be prompted to contact you. 

At DigDev Direct, we offer all of these digital marketing solutions. And we can show you how to integrate them with email for the biggest impact. Contact us to get started. 

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