3 Attributes of the Best Email Marketing Solutions

best email marketing solutions

3 Attributes of the Best Email Marketing Solutions

The best email marketing solutions are easy to use, driven by data, and backed up by support. Find out why these attributes matter and how to find a company with all three.  

How can you separate the best email marketing systems from their less competent counterparts? It’s a relatively easy task to accomplish. Look for these three attributes that most reputable, helpful martech companies share. 

  1. Easy to Use 

The average marketing professional is harried, tired, and stressed. In studies, about 71 percent of marketers say they’re feeling burned out, and most think the situation will worsen before it improves. 

Your solution set is diverse, and it probably includes:

  • Social media sites. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram help you spread the word. 
  • Websites. You may have one made for current customers and another for prospects. 
  • Ad buys. You might purchase space in newspapers, on Google, and in Bing. 

Every one of these digital tools requires a login, specialized knowledge, and plenty of expertise. Add in a complicated email marketing program, and you may feel overloaded.

The best email marketing sites make building and launching a campaign really easy, even for beginners. At DigDev Direct, we focus on making our powerful tools available to anyone at any skill level. 

  1. Driven by Data 

Marketers are obsessed with data collection, and experts warn that collecting numbers obsessively can lead to consumer mistrust. The best email marketing sites balance your need for facts with your customer’s desire for privacy.

At DigDev Direct, for example, we offer marketers sophisticated email lists based on hundreds of data points. But everyone on our lists has opted in, so we’re not scraping anything or harming anyone.

  1. Helpful When Needed 

The best email marketing solutions come with live help that is available when you get stuck. Even the most intuitive programs can spark questions in customers who have never used them before. And when you’re trying to launch a campaign, time is critical. 

At DigDev Direct, we offer customer service expertise you can trust. We’ll explain how our tools work, and we can step in to fix problems so you can get back on track fast. 

If you’re looking for the best email marketing system around, we’d love to talk with you. Contact us today. 

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