3 Ways to Make Permission-Based Email Marketing More Personal

Permission-Based Email Marketing

3 Ways to Make Permission-Based Email Marketing More Personal

Permission-based email marketing involves asking before you send. But your subscribers may still ignore your notes. Follow these three tips to boost your engagement rates.

Permission-based email marketing starts with a question: “Can I send you notes from time to time?”

People who agree start to get your marketing notes. But that doesn’t mean they’ll read everything you send. In fact, they may not read any of your notes at all.

Analysts say it’s become commonplace for us to ignore and dismiss one another. If we don’t even respond to our friends, imagine how we treat strangers.

At DigDev Direct, we specialize in permission email marketing. We can help you build subscriber lists that work.

And we encourage you to follow these three tips to make the most of your investment.

  1. Send Messages From a Human.

You could send your notes from a “do not reply” mailbox. But your customers will never know who’s really behind the words they’re reading. And if they don’t know who you are, they may be less likely to take action.

Send your permission email marketing notes from:

  • Your marketing manager.
  • The regional sales lead.
  • Your CEO.
  • A customer service representative.
  1. Add Names to Subject Lines.

Adding your recipient’s names to subject lines can boost sales leads and lower unsubscribe rates. These stats are proven by research.

We’re hardwired to snap to attention when we see our names. And your recipients may appreciate the extra time you spent connecting their real names with the notes you’re about to send.

  1. Target Your Messaging.

Don’t take advantage of your permission-based email marketing list. Ensure that everything you send them resonates with them, based on what you know about them.

For example, if you have a list built with new parents, don’t send them messages about why dogs are better than children. Respect why they’ve agreed to get email from you.

If you don’t have the permission email marketing list you need, we can help. Our database is robust, and we’re ready to tell you more about it. Contact us to get started.

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