What Are The Challenges You Face In Marketing?

Sometimes it’s nice to have someone who listens. After a tough day at work we need someone to vent to and you appreciate when that person is a good listener. The same can be said for marketing. You shouldn’t have to sit there and listen for an hour as some salesperson brags about the marketing services they offer before they even know a single thing about you. A real salesperson is going to be quiet, give you a chance [...]

5 Ways To Increase Your Mobile Marketing Visibility

Some of us make fun of the fact that everyone is staring at their phones. Every day we get mad at drivers who are looking down at their devices rather than concentrating on the road. While that’s not a safe way to drive, it does prove a point about how attached we are to our iPhone or Android devices. As a business you cannot afford to overlook that fact and increasing your mobile marketing capabilities needs to be made [...]

5 Email Marketing Tips Every Business Needs To Know

There are some skeptics who believe email marketing doesn’t work anymore. There are also people who still pay to advertise in the phone book because “the internet” is too complicated. The fact is that millions of businesses around the world get a large portion of their traffic and sales from email marketing. Those who do not see results often misunderstand the purpose of this tool. You are given an opportunity to reach someone on their computer or phone. You are [...]

Instagram Marketing

Instagram marketing has pushed itself to the forefront of social media marketing and it doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. Its popularity is undeniable and plenty of people have become “Instafamous.” The term refers to individuals who have gained tens of thousands of followers or more. Companies pay these people to promote their products or events. How Can I Use Instagram Marketing To Benefit Me? The social media platform can benefit your company in two different ways. The first [...]

Setting Realistic Marketing Goals

We have a tendency to set unrealistic goals for ourselves, especially when it comes to marketing. We believe we can drive across town in rush hour traffic in twenty minutes. We believe we can lose ten pounds the first week we get back on a diet and get in the gym. We believe that with $500 a month in marketing we can make thousands and more in return, immediately. When you set unrealistic goals you are wasting time and [...]

Increase Holiday Traffic With Email Marketing

Does your business benefit from holiday sales? It doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day, if you have a business that makes money due to weekends and especially holidays then you need to maximize your earnings. So what’s the best way to promote a major sale or event to thousands, if not millions of consumers? There are several platforms that work well; social media, press releases, paid ads. However, the most cost-effective way to [...]

Show Me The Tracking!

Even the smallest local businesses can benefit from having an online presence. A landscaping company can gain customers from having a Facebook page that targets people in their area. A golf instructor can promote themselves with instructional videos on YouTube. There is no limit to the ways you can promote your business with the tools that are available to you online. However, the question that always comes up for small business owners is which method works the best for [...]

Improving Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

Have you accepted the fact that your Facebook marketing strategy is in desperate need of a makeover? Last year’s numbers were not what you expected and this year hasn’t improved much either. The problem is you have no idea how to improve on them without adding thousands of dollars to the budget, something you would rather avoid. Rather than rushing into ways of how to improve numbers, first you need to know what you are dealing with. What You Need [...]

When To Do A Press Release?

You may have already done a press release or heard of other companies doing them. A PR is an official statement from your company which is issued to hundreds of thousands of sites. Based on the relevance of the topic it could be picked up by a few sites or hundreds of thousands. Companies tend to release one when they have big news including a promotion, a new product, they are moving to a new location or something else. [...]

The Real Value Of Social Media Marketing

You’ve heard a lot about social media marketing but you still aren’t sold. You have a Facebook page and a Twitter account but you haven’t posted to it in months. What’s the point? Is it really going to drive in traffic and sales? The truth is that it really depends on your business. Some businesses will make more sales from social media marketing than any other form of internet marketing. However, for some the best it will do is [...]