Why Your Marketing Strategy Won’t Work In 2020

You’ve invested countless hours and thousands of dollars into marketing your business l. You have a reliable flow of traffic to your site and this year your sales numbers were solid. You wouldn’t say that you are happy with the results, but you know that you can hang your hat on them, and you do not have plans for any major changes in 2020. Here’s why that’s not a good idea. Increased PPC Costs Whether it’s through Google AdWords or social [...]

whitelabeling marketing

How DigDev Direct Can Help Your Marketing Agency

Own a marketing agency and looking for ways to generate more revenue? Ok, that sounded a little too 2am infomercial. However, the goal of every business is to make more money but the challenge for many of them is to find a way to get new customers in. While you are focused on that, wouldn’t it be nice if you could make more money off of your current clients? That sounds great but how can you do that and [...]

how to trim marketing budget

10 Ways To Cut Costs On Your Marketing Without Losing Traffic

It’s hard to admit it, but sometimes you need to cut costs because you’ve maxed out on the sales you can get, or your competition is too strong to compete with financially. This doesn’t mean you should stop marketing; it means you need to trim your budget. However, it cannot be at the cost of the traffic and potential sales you are currently generating. There are some things you can do that will trim those costs and still allow [...]

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4 Marketing Mistakes To Avoid Before Black Friday

For a large amount of businesses, Black Friday & Cyber Monday are more than just days where they can get a few more sales in. This weekend in November can generate millions in revenue and also allow their business to create long-term relationships with consumers. If you can get someone into your store or to visit you online and buy something from you, if they feel as though they got a good deal on a quality item, chances are [...]

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What You Need To Do Now To Get Ready For Your Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday can be the biggest weekend of the year for some businesses as they look to get more sales in on this single weekend than they will in some months of the year. That’s a lot of pressure on anyone to produce results, especially your marketing team. There are always mistakes that are made like waiting too long to promote your business, not having enough deals to get people interested and so forth. However, one [...]

When Are You Sending Out Digital Offers?

Whether you're running social media ads, emails, banner ads or even something in the mail, timing is everything in marketing. Business A starts hitting people with social media ads informing them that they have a big Labor Day sale the week before Labor Day. The ads are well written, have creative colors and hit the right audience who are interested in the products or services the company offers. However, despite quality traffic to the site and interest in their [...]

The Right Way To Reach Consumers

What works in marketing? You don’t care what the answer is at this point, you are just tired of running campaigns and not seeing sales come in. You are told why that happens and it actually makes sense, but at the end of the day it’s costing you money and you need to see a better return on your investment. You don’t care if you have to stand outside your store and spin a sign, wear a gorilla suit [...]

We Can Market That

How many times have you heard that you can’t market a product or service online? Platforms like Google and Facebook limit what you can send consumers, and, in some cases, it creates a serious gap in your marketing capabilities. CBD is a great example as you cannot market via Google AdWords or Facebook with few exceptions. Business owners and entrepreneurs are growing impatient with the fact that they cannot market their products and services on these platforms because they [...]

How To Market Yourself For The End Of 2019

Hasn’t this year flown by already? It feels like just yesterday you were making New Year’s resolutions and now you are trying to plan for 2020. Hopefully it’s been a solid year for you but one of the things you may not be happy with at this point is your marketing. Whether you’ve seen results or not, there’s always room for improvement and part of the problem is that you have to find ways to end the year strong. [...]

Start Writing Articles On LinkedIn

If you are your own brand and you are trying to connect with people, especially in the B2B realm, then LinkedIn is the place for you to be. You can connect with people in your industry as well as people who are in the field you want to target. For example, if you are in marketing but you offer services designed for health insurance agents, you can connect and market to agents all around the country from your profile. [...]