Facebook Marketing Tips; No Pixel, No Conversions

Facebook Marketing Tips; No Pixel, No Conversions

Facebook marketing has become one of the most popular platforms in the world of digital marketing as it provides detailed information and targeting options. Nearly any business can select a highly targeted audience and deploy ads of all shapes and sizes to them. Even better, the platform has a retention rate that is higher than any other form of media including television. With that alone, it’s easy to see why companies have rushed to spend their marketing budget with the largest social media platform in the world. Add to that the ability to set campaigns to target people based on hundreds of selects, and set goals for campaigns including clicks, form fills, and so forth, and you have to question anyone who isn’t marketing on the site.

So, why aren’t more companies having success? Running ads on Facebook and Instagram creates immediate brand awareness and traffic, but sales or conversions seem to elude people. Why is it so difficult to get results on a platform that all but guarantees them? You can blame the content, the targeting, lack of ad budget, or simply not enough of an interest in the offer. Another problem that comes up plenty of times and is often overlooked is the lack of a pixel. For other campaigns, pixels are used to tell you what visitors did on your site and to implement retargeting. It’s a great tool that gives you valuable information that you can rely on to improve your campaign.

For Facebook, a pixel does all that, and actually something else, it improves the campaign. If you add the pixel the social media site provides you, it will send information back to the platform, as well as to you. That information tells them what they need to do to improve the campaign including to help you generate better results. Yes, this platform has a way of teaching itself how to run the campaign better so that its users get better results. Isn’t that a crazy concept and why isn’t this done more often? Why would people run a campaign without adding a pixel if it gave them this much benefit and helped improve their efforts?

Part of the reason is that people simply do not know about it. Another reason is that companies are not running the campaigns themselves, they instead are using marketing agencies who only fulfill the order they were hired to run and then move on. If you want to know whether or not you’re working with a reliable agency, the best place to start is to see if they are adding the pixel to your site or landing page. If you are running it yourself, then now you know what might be missing from your efforts and keeping you from getting better results. Adding this option can show immediate improvement and can be done within minutes so pause your campaign and get to work.

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