Permission-Based Consumer Email, Lower Your CPC Immediately

Permission-Based Consumer Email, Lower Your CPC Immediately

One of the biggest frustrations people face when it comes to marketing is the cost per click. CPC is the first thing you look at when you talk about the budget. It’s a lot like buying a stock, where you can learn whatever you want about the company but at the end of the day, you have to pay whatever the average is if you want the top quality traffic. There are ways around it and that usually comes with aggressive forms of marketing.

The highest CPC will usually be with Google AdWords because it usually converts the best as well. If you are in the health insurance industry, for example, the cost for a single click off of page one of Google during open enrollment can be over $50 and in some areas, over $100. That’s just for a click, not a conversion.

Why do companies pay so much for this? Because of the lifetime value of a customer. An insurance customer will pay hundreds of dollars a month for years. Look at how much you pay for a mortgage when you include the interest rates. The value of a consumer is what drives up the cost per click and why industries like legal, medical, finance, and construction have some of the highest CPC’s out there.

So, how can you lower the cost of traffic to your site?

You have to get more aggressive with your marketing. Rather than waiting for a consumer to come to you, you start marketing to consumers, targeting people who are more than likely going to have an interest in your products or services, especially at peak times where people sign up for them.

Open enrollment is a great example of this because you can pay top costs for page one or you can utilize a service like permission-based email marketing. Consumer email records allow you to target people with hundreds of options including age, geo, credit score, if they own a home, personal interests, if they are married, political affiliation and so much more. If you are a health insurance agent in Boca Raton, Florida, you probably cannot compete with the top companies for real estate on page one of Google, but you can easily afford to hit 50,000 consumers in the area with an email discussing the advantages of using you when they need to find health insurance.

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective options and offers a lower CPC than almost any other form of marketing that you will find.


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