Successful Digital Marketing Email Campaigns Are Possible with Targeted Ads

Digital Marketing Email Campaigns

Successful Digital Marketing Email Campaigns Are Possible with Targeted Ads

For guaranteed effective digital marketing email campaigns that target customers with superb advertising, contact DigDev Direct and watch your sales soar.

Recklessly sending messages to an entire zip code area is like casting a net across a lake and hoping for the right fish to swim along. But with happens when your advertising firm identifies more than 300 different demographic and lifestyle attributes on all of your subscribers? From age to income, gender, ethnicity, marital status, presence of children, political affiliations or behavioral shopping information carefully tailored data sets allow you to match your offer to the proper individual and reach them through the most refined digital marketing email campaigns. Then by adding an extra feature, your recipients can forward and share the scoop to friends, family and neighbors who might be interested in your product or service, too. These sophisticated strategies are just some of the many message-targeted solutions DigDev Direct can offer your company to help you find the right people when and where you need them. Our data intelligence gives you the competitive edge. It’s efficiency personified and customized outreach at its very best.

What makes this service even more compelling is that it’s permission-based. We have more than 280 million consumer addresses with matching postal codes ready for your use. And because these recipients have opted in to get your messages, they are already in tune with and open to your content. You can have peace of mind that every client on the list has given permission to be contacted…ready and willing customers waiting for you. That’s why in the world of digital marketing email marketing is still effective. It reaches customers who want to be in the loop and personalized each message with content and graphics you deem appropriate for your campaign. Studies show that this type of campaign drives high click-through rates, meaning customers move ahead through the purchase process on your website. Our tech experts use exemplary service provides and abide by a stringent delivery process to ensure that each inbox has maximum penetration. Moreover, we comply 100% with the important federal CAN-SPAM Act. Trust DigDev Direct with your next targeted campaign.

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