How Is Permission-Based Email Different Than Spam?

Permission Based Email

How Is Permission-Based Email Different Than Spam?

Ask before you hit send, and you’re using permission-based email techniques. Find out why this sets you apart from spammers, and learn how DigDev Direct can help.

You’ve written up an amazing email message, and you just know everyone will love to read it. You’re tempted to blast that note to everyone and hope someone bites.

It might be time to pause.

Researchers say consumers hate unsolicited email marketing messages more than they hate printed spam that clogs their home mailboxes. Permission-based email, which we offer at DigDev Direct, is a better option.

What Is Permission Based Email Marketing?
The name of this product tells you a lot about what it is and how it works. Permission-based email marketing relies on asking for consent before the email messages begin.

You could gather up your own email addresses via:

  • Landing pages. Create a blog, an e-book, or another product that’s valuable. Ask consumers to give their email addresses to access the item.
  • Signup sheets. Ask people to sign up for your email messages when they visit your shop or a booth at a trade show.
  • Customer lists. Notify your clients that you’ll send them notes because they’ve worked with you.

Work with us, and you’ll have access to our database of opt-in customers. We’ve split that list into key attributes, such as these:

  • Age
  • Income
  • Marital status
  • Interest in categories like health, trading, or travel

Each message you send also comes with an opt-out function. Anyone who sees your note and doesn’t want it can be removed from your future messages.

Is Permission-Based Email Marketing Required?
Legislation like the CAN-SPAM Act can and should guide you on how to use email to support your business. But there’s little that requires you to ask before the email messages start.

For example, the CAN-SPAM Act requires email teams to offer opt-out clauses. Your email must also specify who you are, where you’re located, and other critical data.

While the law doesn’t force you to ask for permission, it’s still a good idea. Working with customers who want your messages means higher open rates and happier customers.

Rest assured that all of our programs comply with the CAN-SPAM Act. Find out more about how our permission email marketing tools work.

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