3 Ingredients for Digital Marketing Success: SEO, Email, Direct

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3 Ingredients for Digital Marketing Success: SEO, Email, Direct

Combine SEO, email, and direct options into one digital marketing program. You’ll have a recipe for success. Find out about the solutions we offer at DigDev Direct.

What term would you use you describe your digital marketing options? If the word “overwhelming” springs to mind, you’re not alone.

Plenty of people look over the sea of options open to them, and they feel paralyzed.

Stop, take a deep breath, and prepare for good news. The traditional sales funnel model you studied years ago still applies in the digital age. And you need just three tools to push consumers down that funnel: SEO, email, and direct.

  1. SEO Services: Get Found Online

Search engine marketing (SEO) involves crafting compelling content that shoots to the top of search results on sites like Google and Bing. Do it right, and someone searching for help will see your content first.

SEO is a top-of-funnel technique. You’ll use these strategies to help people find you when they have no idea who should help them. Keywords, which describe who you are and what you do, play an important role.

Does SEO work? You bet. A full 85 percent of marketing influencers say their work is more effective than costly techniques like Google Ads. At DigDev Direct, our SEO programs involve both research and content creation.

  1. Email Marketing: Start the Conversation

Imagine a customer who knows a little bit about who you are. How can you fill knowledge gaps and entice a deeper connection? Consider email.

Permission-based email techniques let you tell consumers more about why they should buy from you. And since you’ve asked before you started the conversation, you’re unlikely to get labeled a spammer. We offer programs just like this.

  1. Direct Digital Marketing: Prompt a Purchase

A prescriptive approach to marketing, in which we tell customers what to do in clear voices, increases purchases by 86 percent. You can do that through direct digital marketing.

An approach like this allows you to reach consumers at the exact moment when they’re thinking about you and what to do. Think of this as end-of funnel content.

Our Search and Deploy program can tackle this for you too.

Find out all about who we are and what we do here.

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