Holiday Marketing Tips: Retail And Email Marketing

Holiday Marketing Tips: Retail And Email Marketing

Last minute shopping during the holiday season is nothing new. However, what may surprise people is that last minute marketing also happens, quite often. The problem is that small business owners wait until the last minute to get their marketing strategy together. While that’s not ideal, the fact is that you are ready to get going and you need options that are fast, affordable and effective.


What Are Your Goals?


Your first goal is to get sales. That’s really all you care about, but the truth is that it’s very difficult to send out a single campaign of anything and see sales. The best campaigns are the ones that reach a targeted audience multiple times. This doesn’t mean you should send an email to someone three times a day but try for three times over the span of two weeks when you have a big sale coming up.


Best, Fastest and Most Cost-Effective Option


You need to reach consumers quickly, introduce your brand and promotion, make sure they see your ad and that you are getting your message across. You also need to target a specific audience and make sure that whatever you’re doing fits your budget.


This is where email marketing can save the day!


Email marketing utilizes an existing database of over 280 million permission-based addresses with selects that include age, location, gender, political affiliation, income, job title, personal interests, marital status if they own or rent a home, how many children they have and more. This targeting allows you to create a specific audience who will not only see your content but have a much higher chance of engaging it.


Setting up the campaign and creating the content to go out can usually be done in less than a week and ensures that your business can reach the right audience in a short period of time. However, it cannot be stressed enough that the sooner you get the campaign going, the better. Sending out the content early allows you to introduce your brand to the consumer, making your second campaign even more effective and giving your content a chance to grab the recipient’s attention multiple times.


Retail shoppers love to be informed of new deals and new products. That’s why you cannot treat this as a one-and-done campaign. The more times you alert them to a sale, the higher the probability of getting a conversion, especially a week or even day of a sale.


Let’s Get Social


Email marketing is great because it’s fast, affordable and effective. However, one of its other advantages is that you can have the list uploaded to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and run ads to the same people who received an email.


Imagine a consumer who has never seen or heard of you before receives an email about a big sale you are having this weekend. They check it out but because they are at work they do not move forward. However, two hours later they are scrolling down their Facebook feed and see your advertisement again. You are making an impression and your brand is going to start sticking with them more and more.


Is this the time you want to stop the campaign? Of course not, this is when you want to engage them with more content and emphasize the need to visit your site. Email marketing can take your last-minute campaign and turn it into a success.

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