Marketing An App

Marketing An App

There are millions of apps created each year. Aspiring entrepreneurs are trying to take their idea to the next level and see if it can become popular. There are apps for gaming, tracking fitness results, tracking what you eat, keeping up to date on your favorite sports teams, monitoring finances and stocks, playing games, watching videos and more. Apps have become the new website, meaning companies invest thousands of dollars into them and then forget to utilize app marketing to reach users.

It doesn’t matter how great your idea is, you have to invest into marketing an app if you want it to build a following. Even the most popular games started with a press release, social media advertising or something else and that’s what you need to do as well. These are some of the most cost-effective ways of marketing an app that you can use to drive quick traffic:

  • Email Marketing: A great, fast and cost-effective way to reach a targeted audience is to send out emails. For example, if you have a new application that helps people track their progress when they workout, you can send emails to people who have an interest in fitness, introducing your product to thousands of people immediately.
  • Social Media: The same targeting is available for app marketing when you go onto social media. Just like with email, you can also include a link that immediately allows the person to download the application.
  • Press Release: This is an option that works great for marketing an app because it not only introduces your application to thousands of websites, but it also helps with branding. Tech companies are always looking for the latest and greatest thing and sending out a press release ensures that they see it and try out your application, leading to reviews and recommendations that can help you to build your following in a short period of time.

Remember, the main thing you want to do is to get people talking about your application. That means putting yourself out there on social media and press releases. The best thing you can hope for is for influencers to try your application and write a blog about it, recommending it to thousands of their followers. Once this starts to happen, word of mouth will get more people interested in the content and you will see your following quickly grow. Don’t forget, you have to market your app if you want people to try it out, never assume that it’s good enough on its own and people will randomly find it.

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