How Does Email Marketing Work?

How Does Email Marketing Work?

You’ve probably been called, been sent content or found information about email marketing. The idea seems simple enough, you send out a letter to someone and they read it, click on the links and visit your site. That’s the simple way of putting it but you have to go deeper into the process of a campaign and how it can benefit your business.


Who needs to receive your content? This is the most important question you have to answer. If you have been in business for years, you can take a look at your current customers and get information on that list. By determining selects like age, geo, marital status, income, shopping habits, gender, how many children they have, if they own their home or not, if they own their car or not and more. The more accurately you can target an audience, the better your chances will be for a response.

Content Creation

Now that you’ve determined who will be receiving the content, the next step is to decide what you are sending them. What is the message of the content, what is it asking them to do, what are you offering the recipient as far as information? Why should this person be interested in what you are offering? Everything between the images you use, the colors, the call to action and more will play a role in the outcome of your campaign. This includes the subject line which motivates people to open the message.

Campaign Strategy

The next thing to go over is the strategy of the campaign. This will be influenced by the creative and the message of the content. However, you also need to consider where else are you promoting this message. For example, if someone is seeing an email for you about a sale that’s coming up, why wouldn’t you broadcast that message to them on social media? The more times people see your content, the better your chances for a response. Ideally, 8-18 impressions are the goal to encourage a response.


Once you’ve encouraged people to visit your site, should it end there? Retargeting will ensure that your ads are following them around on sites and apps that they visit. By seeing this ad over and over again, you increase your chances for engagement.


Once your campaign is done what should you do now? Resend, send a new creative, do something that puts you in front of the audience again. The biggest brands in the world role out the same commercials hundreds of times to ensure that the viewer remembers it. Should you expect big results after one email campaign?

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