Social Media Boosting Tips

Social Media Boosting Tips

How important is social media marketing for your business? The average person spends over 4 hours a day on these sites, mostly on their phone. That means if you can get your ads in front of them they will be more focused than any other platform out there. Even companies that feel that they would not benefit from these sites still need to have a presence because of the long-term branding effects.

It’s Time To Give Your Social Marketing A Boost

Whenever you decide to put more money into advertising, you want to make sure that you are doing it the right way. Thousands of companies either misunderstand how to put together a strong campaign or they do not have quality content to promote and engage the viewer. Follow these tips and you will see better results:

  • Spread the budget: One mistake businesses make is that they try to force the budget in a single week. Spread it out, run the ads for a month with a higher percentage of it being utilized in the final week leading up to a sale. Also be sure to spread out your budget over different platforms like Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to maximize your exposure.
  • Don’t ignore followers and likes: You are probably going to be focused on getting traffic to a landing page and getting conversions. That’s understandable, but make sure that you are allocating some of the budget towards building up your followers. Why is this important? A percentage of these followers will be able to see other posts you put up, it builds brand loyalty, plus people have more trust in a company that has thousands of followers because it seems more established.
  • Be realistic about targeting: This is always an interesting area. Sites like Facebook offer great information for targeting like age, location, gender and interests. However, some areas of targeting they offer may not be as accurate as you like. For example, they have a section for annual income. Have you ever told Facebook how much you make? Then how accurate can that data be? Be realistic about who you are targeting and what platforms you are on.

As you start boosting, make sure that you keep track of your numbers. Depending on the content and your industry, you will see different results on each site. Knowing which site presents the best opportunity to target your audience will help you in future campaigns.

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