Digital Marketing Bundle

Digital Marketing Bundle

There are literally dozens of services you can do online to market your company? Which one or ones are right for you? Should you focus on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, or send out emails? Which one is going to produce the best ROI and help you build a customer base that brings in sales for years to come? How do you introduce yourself to new customers without breaking the bank?

These questions are easily answered with the Digital Marketing Bundle. The bundle focuses on 3 main services that are proven to get your name out there and get results.

  1. Email: Our database of over 280 million permission-based emails allow you to reach consumers directly on their phone, computer or tablet. With hundreds of ways to target your audience, you can be sure that you are reaching the right person who would be interested in your product or service.
  2. Facebook: The average social media user is on one of the top platforms at least 4 hours a day. That means you have their full attention as they are watching videos, scrolling through their newsfeed and commenting on friend’s posts. Your ad will be displayed over and over again.
  3. Display & Re-targeting: When you visit a website and see ads at the top, on the sides and even at the bottom, those are display ads. If you’ve ever visited a site and seen an ad following you around for a few months, that’s a re-targeting ad. These creatives get hundreds of thousands of views and are displayed on a network of sites that get large volumes of traffic.

How Does It Work?

You select an audience based on age, location, personal interests, political affiliation, marital status, how many children they have, what type of car they drive, job title, income and more. Once that audience is selected creatives are made for all platforms and are designed to have the same color, message and look. Display ads begin running on websites that are visited by that selected audience. An email campaign is sent out to that audience followed by another email a couple of weeks later. In that time, Facebook ads begin to run to a similar audience.

The end result is thousands of people seeing your ads and, in some cases, the same person being sent your ad via email, Facebook and on banners on sites they are visiting.

The Digital Marketing Bundle is one of the most cost-effective ways to get fast traffic to your site, introduce your brand to thousands of consumers and promote a sale. Contact us today to learn more about this service.

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