5 Advantages Of Email Marketing You Never Knew

5 Advantages Of Email Marketing You Never Knew

Email marketing has been around for years and it’s only getting stronger. However, the reasons it’s getting stronger may surprise some people. It creates a unique opportunity, when combined with other marketing resources, to put your name in front of someone who may buy something from you. You aren’t hoping that they come across your ad, you aren’t waiting months for results. The same day it is sent out, you are sending that ad directly to the potential consumer. This is why before you make a decision on this option, you want to make sure you know the facts:

  1. Cost-effective: The first thing you need to know about email marketing is that it’s cost-effective, especially when compared to other options out there. Most campaigns average out somewhere between $.50-$1.00 a click. That’s very low, and a big reason why so many businesses utilize this option.
  2. High-quality targeting: Targeting is becoming the main focal point of internet advertising. What’s the difference between running ads online versus the radio or television? Focus and targeting as businesses are able to direct their content towards the right audience, people who are most likely to purchase their products or services. Even better, people give more attention to content that is advertised to them on their computer or cell phone than they would commercials being ran on the TV.
  3. Even non-opens are beneficial: Just because someone didn’t open the email and click on it doesn’t mean it was a waste. How many messages do you get each day? How many of them do you delete? However, before you delete any of them you first read the subject or at least who it’s from. This is why it’s a powerful branding tool for introducing your name to a consumer so that they become more and more familiar with your brand.
  4. Fast deployment: You can usually run a campaign within a week which is big if you have a promotion going on or you have some great news you want to share with people. Other campaigns may need time to develop but this is a fast and affordable way to spread the word about something.
  5. You can upload to Facebook: If you have a list of addresses you can also load it up to Facebook and target those accounts, or ones similar to it with your content. This gives you the opportunity to display your content to the same person on multiple platforms, creating an even bigger impact.

There’s a reason why companies spend thousands of dollars a year simply acquiring data. They understand the value that comes with having a consumer’s information and how they can utilize it throughout the year. Some businesses pay $10 per record or more. If that seems expensive then consider what it costs to run a television ad and you get an idea of why this is the way to go.

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