How To Increase Your Amazon Sales

How To Increase Your Amazon Sales

It’s no secret that if you sell products online you need to be on Amazon. The e-retailer is not only the largest in the United States, but it makes over 120 billion dollars a year in sales. With over 300 million users, which doesn’t include people who do not have accounts but use the platforms services, you cannot afford to not be on this site if you are selling products online. However, you also will have a lot of competition and if you are struggling to make sales, you may not be sure how to improve that.

Keep something in mind, you aren’t just using this site to sell to new consumers, you are using it because they make things easier on you and the consumer. Amazon protects their customers. Therefore, if you are new to people and they are skeptical of trusting you, they will trust you more if they can purchase your products through this site. You are able to use their brand to promote yourself and get real traffic and conversions.

There are several things you can do within the site to boost interest and sales. However, once you’ve done all that you may need to find other tools to intrigue people outside of the site to stop by and make a purchase. That involves marketing to direct traffic directly to your Amazon store. It’s something a lot of businesses do but you want to find the most cost-effective ways of accomplishing this. These are the best three:

  1. Email Marketing: While you cannot get the addresses of the people who have purchased something from you, you can reach millions of new consumers through permission based email marketing. The way it works is that you are promoting your products through the email but people are being sent directly to your Amazon store. This makes it easier for them to shop because they are familiar with the main brand. The added bonus, our database has over 280 million permission based consumer addresses. You pick the target audience based on location, age, gender, interests and more and introduce them to your products.
  2. Social Media: Another cost-effective platform that allows you to reach thousands of people in a short period of time. The best part about this platform is that they can also share your promotion with their friends so you get more eyes and you set your budget. For example, if you are having a big sale this upcoming weekend you can post your ad on Facebook, boost it and reach thousands of targeted individuals. You can also do the same for Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  3. Display Ads: Rather than paying sites that blog or are connected to your industry, you can post display ads on them for a small cost per click. For example, if you own a vitamin shop and you want to market to people who are interested in health and fitness, you can run your ads on the top and sides of sites that blog and talk about those specific interests as well as various news sites. How does this work? Rather than getting paid advertising directly, these sites register with Google and allow them to post ads on their search engine. Every time there is a click, the site and Google make money but you can keep the cost per click low.

If you are struggling to increase your Amazon sales and you need to find some more cost-effective ways of doing it then your best bet is to use email marketing, social media and display ads. These three options are not only easy on the marketing budget but they will generate direct traffic to your store from consumers who are directly interested in what you are selling. By targeting the right demographics and reaching them on their desktops, phones and tablets, you not only will see an increase in sales but you will also build brand loyalty which means you are getting consumers who will eventually go directly to you when they want to buy something.

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