Why Data Based Marketing Will Spell Success for Your Product

Data Based Marketing

Why Data Based Marketing Will Spell Success for Your Product

For the biggest return on your advertising investment, use custom data based marketing from DigDev Direct, the industry leader that knows how to target your product or service to the ideal customers.

As a company owner, you’re inspired by what you sell. You have big ideas, you know your products or services and you are excited to grow your business. But spinning your wheels fruitlessly without direction can result in a failed product launch. You need to find the ideal customers and target your brand to get the most mileage from your advertising investment. In today’s competitive marketplace, you will need tailor-made data based marketing to succeed. At DigDev, we can make this happen for you. Our seasoned team of search engine optimization experts, analytic engineers and interactive digital advertising managers will help you acquire customers and retain them. We’ve partnered with hundreds of local, regional and national brands—from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies, from political campaigns to educational systems, from nonprofit organizations to small ‘mom and pop’ establishments. In every case, we stay true to the fundamental goal of reaching the ideal clients, keeping them onboard and maintaining these relationships along their journey. No more wasting bait while fishing for customers. We know how to locate who’s interested in what you have to offer. You can concentrate on expanding business while we keep bringing the business to you.

How do we do it? Database email marketing is one surefire strategy that personalizes your advertising efforts and gets already interested customers even more excited about your brand. First with our superior storehouse of subscribers, we have identified more than 300 demographic and lifestyle traits—from age to income, gender, ethnicity, marital status, household composition, hobbies, activities, travel history and more. Then we match the individuals who are most likely to be interested in what your brand. The added bonus is that this personal touch is the gift that keeps giving because recipients can share the message with friends and family so you can reach even more potential buyers. What’s more, the tailored messaging deposited directly to the person’s inbox gets noticed. Let’s face it. Everyone wants to stay in the loop, so we capitalize on past buying history and gear our ads to what we know these recipients want. No worries about SPAM. Rest assured that we conform to all CAN-SPAM Act regulations. And with our IT department’s rigorous delivery process, we guarantee maximum inbox penetration. Don’t set yourself up for product failure; get ready for success with DigDev Direct; contact us today to get your campaign started.

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