Remarketing Email Openers

Remarketing Email Openers

There’s a reason why businesses pay millions of dollars to show you the same commercials over and over again. The more you see the same ad, the more familiar you are with its content, the brand that is showing it and the message it offers. Their goal is to make sure that the same people see the ad so much, that when they decide to purchase the product or service in that industry, they go with the business they are more familiar with because of the advertisements they’ve seen countless times.

When you are advertising online, you are going to look for ways to drive traffic to your site. However, if the visitor doesn’t engage by making a purchase or giving you their information, you have a chance to reach them again, encouraging them to come back and give you more consideration. This reminder is known as remarketing or retargeting, a way of getting people back to your site which increases the chances of getting a conversion.

Why Is Remarketing So Important?

Imagine putting together a great commercial, selecting the perfect audience and showcasing the video to them on Facebook. You did everything by the book but there was a problem. The person was watching television while they were scrolling on their phone, their phone or they got an important text half way through the video. Whatever the reason, if someone isn’t giving your content their full attention, you have missed your opportunity.

This is why businesses continuously send their content out, to the same audience, hoping that they can get as many views as possible. It’s an effective strategy that has proven to get results. Remarketing ensures that not just the same audience, but people who have already seen your content and responded to it are reintroduced to it again. It may take a few weeks or a few months, but eventually the goal is that someone will see your content enough and finally give you their business.

Different Forms Of Remarketing

While retargeting is very common, there are different variations that produce results. Depending on how you originally target the audience, reach them and get engagement, you have multiple options that can get people to return to your website.

  • Email marketing: When you send a campaign to a targeted list, you have two remarketing options. The first is to resend a campaign to the same audience. This is something that works great because you usually see a higher number of people respond to an email the second time they see it. The other option is retargeting to the people who opened the email. These are the people who saw your message, opened it and may have even clicked on the ad but did not buy anything from your site or sign up for the promotion you were running. This reminds them of your offer and reintroduces your brand to them in a format they are familiar with seeing you on.
  • Social media advertising: Running ads on social media is a great option, especially if you are targeting the same people you are reaching with email marketing. If someone is responding to your ad with a follow or like to your page, remarketing to your followers is a great way to ensure that they continue to see your content. Boosting to your followers is something many businesses prefer to do because it’s sending content to an audience that is already familiar with them.
  • Display retargeting: This is one of the most commonly used forms of retargeting. If you’ve ever visited a website, whether you clicked on an ad, found them on Google or received an email, you may notice an ad from that company following you around as you browse on different sites. This is accomplished because the page you visited was tracking your information and is now able to send you ads over the next few months.

Remarketing, when combined with social media, email marketing or display, is a great way to keep your brand in the mind of the consumer who visited your site and is already familiar with you. In regard to email marketing, it can be used in different ways and is proven to produce better results as consumers are more likely to respond to an ad they’ve seen multiple times.

While retargeting is important, it needs to be utilized the right way. That means having high-quality content whether it’s your email or display. The better the content on the initial message, the higher your initial response will be. However, the same needs to be said with your remarketing to ensure that a solid number of consumers revisit your website and engage with your promotion. This is the best way to enhance your campaign results, improving ROI and building long-term brand recognition with the consumer, which should be the primary focus of every campaign.

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