What Are The Challenges You Face In Marketing?

What Are The Challenges You Face In Marketing?

Sometimes it’s nice to have someone who listens. After a tough day at work we need someone to vent to and you appreciate when that person is a good listener. The same can be said for marketing. You shouldn’t have to sit there and listen for an hour as some salesperson brags about the marketing services they offer before they even know a single thing about you. A real salesperson is going to be quiet, give you a chance to introduce your company, talk about your needs, the biggest challenges you face and what’s worked and hasn’t worked for you in the past.

Get To Know The Real Me

If you are having a big sale this weekend and someone tries to sell you SEO are they really understanding your needs or are they simply trying to make a sale? SEO is a great marketing tool but it’s not going to get you immediate traffic. The salesperson needs to be quiet and listen, understand your needs, your business AND THEN explain to you how certain services will benefit you based on the challenges and needs you have.

Promote A Sale

If you are having a big sale in the next few weeks or even months, these are the best ways to promote them:

  • Email Marketing: A great tool to use as you can directly send your ad to millions of consumers for a low price. You are not hoping they come across your ad, it is sent directly to them and you can introduce them to your brand and promotion at the same time.
  • Social Media: All social media platforms now allow you to boost your ads or even create an event to get more eyes on them. Just as with email, you can target people in a specific area as well as specific interests, age or other options.
  • Press Release: These are used to broadcast an announcement to multiple news sources and hope that they are picked up. They also have the added benefit of improving SEO over a period of time but need at least 3-4 weeks to gain real results.

Your business is going to be different than someone else’s which is why you need to work with a team that understands that. Email marketing may work better than social media for you, while a press release might work better than Google Adwords for another. It may be a combination of services as well. The important thing is that you work with an agency that is going to look at you as an individual and help you solve the challenges you are facing in marketing.

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