How Does Data Marketing & SEO Work Together?

How Does Data Marketing & SEO Work Together?

Data marketing provides your company with a unique advantage of connecting with consumers who meet the criteria of people most likely to buy from you. The more specific you can target a certain audience, the higher your chances are for conversions. For example, if you are a car dealership and you have a big selection of trucks that you would like to move and you want to send out emails and social media ads to promote your new sale you would use data marketing to target an audience of people who have an interest in trucks, make enough money to afford the truck you’re selling and so forth. It sounds easy but every marketing company will explain to you that you still need to be able to hit that audience dozens of times if you expect to see results.

While data marketing is great for hitting that audience over and over again, one mistake a lot of companies make is that they ignore the value of search engine optimization. Marketing on Google focuses on allowing the consumer to find you when they’re motivated and driven to get information. SEO has multiple long-term benefits including offering one of the highest conversion rates in all of marketing. However, it is a long-term game which is why a lot of businesses don’t utilize it. If you had an ad budget for an upcoming sale and you had to choose between a service that would send 100,000 people an email or a service that may generate traffic 5 months down the road which would you choose?

This is one of the problems with search engine optimization, or more importantly, how businesses understand search engine optimization. when someone receives that email or sees that social media ad, even if they are the right person, even if they’re actually looking for the product or service you are offering them, they still will not be ready to buy from you immediately. Before they take out their credit card or travel to your store, they’re going to go to Google to research your business. Depending on what they see when they research you, they will either buy from you or they will not. This is the true short-term value of SEO and how it impacts your other marketing efforts.

If that consumer goes to Google to research your company and finds negative reviews and ratings, complaints about your business, your competitors or even nothing about you, then it’s very unlikely that they’re going to buy from you. That’s the value SEO can provide you and your business as it can immediately benefit your other marketing efforts and increase your chances of a conversion.

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