5 Ways To Improve Conversion Rates

5 Ways To Improve Conversion Rates

The average conversion rate can be anywhere from 2% to 5%. There are several things that go into having a higher conversion rate and the better the results, the better your ROI. Very rarely can you launch a single campaign and see great results. The businesses that see the best results have spent months or years finetuning their efforts, improving on ad placement, promotional content and more until they see their numbers go up.

While every campaign is different, here are five things you can look at before launching your campaign that may improve your chances of a higher conversion rate:

  1. Improve targeting your audience: The first thing you need to do in order to improve conversion rates is to select a better audience. Sometimes we can be too vague when it comes to selecting who views and receives the ads. This leads to a low click and conversion rate, even though you are getting plenty of impressions. Selects include; age, gender, location down to the zip code, hobbies and personal interests, behavioral tendencies, political affiliation, marital status, how many children they have, if they own or rent a home, what type of vehicle they drive and more.
  2. Better quality ads: Another thing to consider is what type of ads the consumer is seeing? Even the colors you use can have an impact on the success of the campaign. Make sure that they are easy to see and read, they are not crowded with text, the images are clear, and the message is solid. Also, don’t forget to include your brand. Even if you do not get a response you want to, be sure that the viewer will see your brand again and again.
  3. Landing page features: Let’s say you’ve selected the right audience and sent them an awesome ad that they clicked on and visited your page. What do they find when they get to the page? Is it a mess, is there too much content or not enough? Does it match the color and design of the ads they just saw? What about functionality? Can someone easily navigate their way through the site, getting the information they need and making a purchase? If they can’t then there’s a good chance they will not stay on that page for long.
  4. Look at the times you are sending them out: The average person is spending an hour or more on their phones while they are at work. That’s great right? Actually, not in the case of getting conversions. While at work, they are less likely to actually sign up or purchase something. The best time to reach them may be after work hours where they are more interested in shopping. This doesn’t mean that you cannot make sales from 9-5, it means you have to look at the times you get sales and focus more of your budget towards those times. If you get more sales on nights and weekends, then don’t run all your ads during normal business hours.
  5. Have a great call to action: A good call to action can make a huge difference when it comes to the success of an ad campaign. However, that doesn’t refer to just posting “Shop Now” on everything. Showcase the special you are running, give someone a reason to click on your ad and go to your page.

Also remember, where your ads are placed can make a big difference. If someone is looking for Medicare information, a display ad will be more affordable than PPC on Google, but it will also have a lower conversion rate. If someone goes to Google to buy something, having the top spot is key to getting that click and sale. That’s why, as you put together your campaign, the best thing to do is consult with an experienced marketing team who can guide you along the way.

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