Why Your Marketing Strategy Won’t Work In 2020

Why Your Marketing Strategy Won’t Work In 2020

You’ve invested countless hours and thousands of dollars into marketing your business l. You have a reliable flow of traffic to your site and this year your sales numbers were solid. You wouldn’t say that you are happy with the results, but you know that you can hang your hat on them, and you do not have plans for any major changes in 2020. Here’s why that’s not a good idea.

Increased PPC Costs

Whether it’s through Google AdWords or social media, clicks are becoming far more valuable than impressions. Businesses are demanding consumers take more of an action on their ads and that demand means marketing agencies and these platforms have to charge more. Depending on your vertical, 100,000 impressions may have cost you $1,000 to get. However, clicks are far more expensive, and you could see that same budget be used just to generate 100 clicks to your site. Now, you do have a better chance of getting conversions from clicks. However, you also have fewer consumers viewing your brand.

Dynamic Ads

Your static banner ads won’t be enough anymore. Google, Microsoft and other platforms are adapting the way people see ads based on how they best take in information. For example, if someone usually goes to YouTube for their info you can bet that Google will try to display more video ads to them than static banner. The same will be done for people read blogs and so forth.


While many businesses love the benefits of click to call, meaning whenever someone clicks on an ad it actually places a call, consumers are not as fond. People want information before making the commitment of calling. They want it to be an action that they take, rather than one that is made for them. Along with that, the cost of this service is going up as competitors are willing to pay twice the normal rates if it means getting their phones to ring.

Online Chat Over Phone Calls

Speaking of getting your phone to ring, a larger percentage of consumers now prefer online chats over placing a call. Part of it may be because they are doing it during work or because they can save the information that’s given to them. Either way you need to make sure that you have a chat feature on your site to connect with visitors.

A successful 2020 doesn’t require you to completely start over with your marketing strategy. There still are things that you can use that will benefit you and generate sales. However, you need to also be more adaptable to the newest trends in marketing if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

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