Call To Actions For Holiday Sales

Call To Actions For Holiday Sales

It doesn’t matter the holiday, consumers are always looking for great deals. Whether it’s televisions, mattresses, cars, vacation packages or something else, it’s important that you use a good call to action to get people interested in your holiday promotion. The first question most businesses ask is if a call to action will really make that much of a difference in their marketing efforts?

The answer is yes, but it also requires realistic expectations. The idea of a CTA is to motivate a viewer to act whether it’s a click, call, sign up or something else. You are telling them how to move forward with the content they’ve just viewed. Traditionally, marketing content with a CTA outperforms those that do not have one. Furthermore, it’s easier to get the viewer to navigate in the direction you want if they have guidance.

Imagine an email that’s sent out with information about a sale for President’s Day. It has information about the products and how much they’ve been discounted, why they are a good deal and so forth. What’s missing? The act of telling the consumer what to do next. You want phone calls, but they click on the link to your page. You want clicks to the page, yet they call you because they aren’t sure what to do. Or worse, they don’t do anything because there’s nothing there to motivate them.

You have to look at marketing from a psychological point of view. As a consumer, we look at products on the middle shelves before we look at the top or bottom, because that’s what we see first. We notice red and yellow cars more often than white and black. We click on ads that have a call to action more than ones that do not.

These are things that every marketing agency in the world knows and they utilize this information to get more out of their content. It’s something you need to work on because the next holiday sale that comes up will be impacted by the quality of your CTA. So, whether it’s click here to learn more, call today, sign up now or something else, make sure that you are giving the viewer instruction on how to move forward and engage with your content, your promotion and your brand.

If you haven’t been happy with the results from your marketing efforts, it’s time to take a serious look at your CTA.

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