Landing Page Design Tips

Landing Page Design Tips

Most marketing campaigns do not send a consumer to the main website, they send them to a landing page. A landing page is a web page that provides the information regarding the ad the person clicked on. For example, if you own an airline and you are running a promotion where people can enter their email address for a chance to win a free flight, you want to post ads all over the web including social media, banner ads, email campaigns and more. However, when someone sees the ad and clicks on it, you do not want to send them to your main site, you want to send them to a page that provides all the details about that promotion and makes it easy for them to sign up.

It’s a great tool to have to increase conversions for your ads. However, there are some things you need to know before you get to work on building your landing page. These tips will help to increase engagement and conversions, whether you are trying to make a sale or get someone to email or call you:

  • Make it pop: You do not want a dull page. You want it to stand out with creative colors, high-quality images and perhaps even a video. The longer a person spends on the site, the higher your chance of a conversion.
  • Keep it organized: Sometimes there’s too much going on and people aren’t even sure what they are looking at. Make it simple, present the information the viewer is expecting to see and make sure it’s easy to find and navigate through. If you are trying to capture their email, don’t ask them to fill out a 20-question survey. Just ask for the email and go from there.
  • Good call to action: This page is dedicated to conversions, not information. You want to inspire them to do something whether it’s call you, place an order or give you their contact information. Make sure that they see anywhere from 2-4 call to actions on the page.
  • A reflection of your brand: One of the biggest mistakes business owners make with this design is that they go with colors and designs that are completely different from the brand. This is a mistake because design and colors work together with your brand. You cannot have one without the other. People remember brands and it’s a great way of building familiarity with them. The more familiar they are with you, the more comfortable they are with buying from you.

Landing pages can drastically improve your marketing efforts. You put so much effort and money into targeting the right audience, building ads, sending them out and getting traffic to your page. It makes sense to design a page that is going to produce results.

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