Digital Marketing: Know Your Audience

Digital Marketing: Know Your Audience

What is an audience? Many feel that it’s whoever sees your content. That’s actually not true, your audience is the people you are targeting, the people who you want to see your content. So, who is your audience? It’s an important question as it impacts every aspect of your marketing plan. For example, when you are putting together an email marketing campaign, you can select your audience based on age, location, personal interests, occupation, marital status, political affiliation and more. The better you target, the better the results of the campaign.

Targeting Saves Money

Why is it so important to target your campaign? A generic audience is going to cost you more money because the majority of the people who see your ad aren’t going to have an interest in it. Would you rather pay $100 to reach 10 people knowing that 3 will make a purchase or the same amount of money reaching 100 people knowing that none or only 1 will make a purchase? That’s the importance of sending your content to the right people.

How Do You Find Your Audience?

For the most part, you will have a general idea of who you are trying to reach. For example, if you sell maternity clothes then you have a pretty good idea of who you are marketing to. However, what if you sell something less obvious like cell phones? It’s something that everyone uses and can make it a bit challenging to be more specific. That’s when you have to rely on your data for more information. Who has bought from you in the past, when did they buy, where did they buy from? The numbers might surprise you, but they are there for a reason. Even if you do not think that they will favor one side or another, you may find that women between the ages of 20-30 are most likely to buy new phones. That gives you an idea of why you need to direct your ads towards when you put together a campaign.

Finding The Platform Your Audience Is Using

Now that you’ve narrowed down the search and know who you should send content to, you have to figure out what platform to use. Where is this consumer looking for information about your products and services? Is it Google, email, social media, banner ads or something else? What platform is going to be the best place to display your content or should you send it to them directly? These are the questions you have to ask yourself and the answers are different for every business.

Identifying your audience, creating quality content and being found our putting yourself out there on the right platforms are the keys to an effective marketing campaign. It may take some time but it’s the only way to see real results.


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