End 2019 Strong With A New Kind Of Marketing: Search ‘N Deploy!

End 2019 Strong With A New Kind Of Marketing: Search ‘N Deploy!

For nearly two decades, the only way to generate traffic from people who are actively searching for products and services was to either rank organically with SEO or to pay Google AdWords. SEO takes time and AdWords takes a lot of money. As a business owner you dealt with this because Google offers some of the highest conversion rates in the industry. However, with more competition than ever, the cost for AdWords and the time needed for SEO has gone up if you want to make a real dent.

While you shouldn’t abandon those marketing efforts because they do produce reliable traffic, business owners are in desperate need of a better option for search marketing.
Enter SEARCH ‘N Deploy!!!!

Search ‘N Deploy is a new service offered by DigDev Direct where we harness the power of millions of searches to provide Digital Offers to consumers who are actively looking for information relevant to your business.

How Does It Work?

Let’s say you or your client have a Ford Dealership in Atlanta and you have a big Labor Day sale coming up. You’ve been utilizing email and social media to get quality traffic, but you need something else. Your Ford F-150 promotion is going to be your big earner and you want to market it to anyone in Atlanta who is searching for trucks, especially Ford trucks.

When the consumer types in a search on Google, you can immediately send them a digital offer whether they click on a link or not. The same is true if they click on an ad of your competitor or look for information on another site.

This puts you in the running during the decision-making process where otherwise the consumer would have never considered you. The best part, this service works for a variety of verticals including; construction, legal, medical, any type of insurance, auto, CBD & hemp, travel, real estate and more. This is your chance to get into the fold during the decision-making process and market yourself to the right consumers at the right time for a fraction of the cost of Google AdWords and see immediate traffic.

Call us to compare the cost of a Search ‘N Deploy campaign with what you are currently paying for the same clicks on Google AdWords! (954) 949-9500

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