Common Traits Of Successful Marketing Campaigns

Common Traits Of Successful Marketing Campaigns

Everyone wants the secret sauce; they want to know what to do that will make their marketing campaign better and increase ROI. Every agency knows the struggle, you have potential customers come in and spend 2-3 hours going over all the services, getting the best possible game plan on how to be success and then they get up and leave only to go and find a company that will claim to do the same things for half the price. You cannot have a successful campaign for pennies on the dollar. It doesn’t work and the proof is with the top companies in the world. If they are spending millions of dollars a year on advertising then why would you be able to outsmart them?

Whether you like it or not, you have to spend money to make money and the best way to increase your ROI is to make sure you are spending it wisely. Also understand that an agency is not a daycare, you are not dropping your business off with them for the day and expecting them to make you millions. You are hiring them to enhance your efforts and help your business to grow. The most successful companies are the ones that work with their agency, sharing resources, providing updates and always working on the strategy. Here’s what it takes to be successful from the most successful marketing campaigns in the industry:

  • Have a real plan: The biggest mistake you will make is when you ask your marketing company how much will it cost. You have to set your own budget and they will work within that budget to get you the best results. Understanding that you will need to incorporate a combination of email marketing, Adwords, SEO, social media and other services and distribute the budget among each one to get your campaign off to a solid start.
  • Adjust when you have data: You’ve spent weeks and countless hours researching and developing a strategy to market your business. The first week wasn’t successful and now you are ready to change everything up? There is no method of advertising that is going to produce results in the first week. Even Adwords needs time to develop. You have to get data, usually a month or two and then make adjustments based on that data.
  • Produce content: Images, videos, email, blogs, press releases and everything else. You need to be producing new content every single week. That doesn’t mean you need a press release every week but you have to produce something.
  • Stay in view: If you have followers on social media, make sure they can frequently see you with daily postings. If you have a huge email database make sure you are sending something to them every couple of weeks. You want your brand to be seen by the consumer every week because when they are motivated to make a purchase, your name is going to be the one that pops up in their mind.
  • Mix informative with promotional: Every email, blog and social media post cannot be about making sales. You have to give something informative to the reader in you want them to stay with you. If you are a realtor, post a blog giving tips for searching for homes or dealing with getting a loan. If you are a car dealership, post some information to help people when they are trying to decide between leasing and buying. Offer information they will benefit from.
  • Give incentive: If you do not have a sale or promotion then you are simply waiting for people to buy from you based on need. You have to mix it up, have a sale, offer a giveaway or do something that is going to motivate them to buy from you.
  • Reward loyalty: You always see promotions for new customers. You get a discount, a free month of service, better rates and perks when you are a new customer. But what about the people who have been with you for years and have been loyal? Make sure you reward that loyalty so that they stay with you.
  • Boost it: If you are having a big promotion you want to boost it to maximize exposure. That means giving money to Facebook, Google, press release platforms, expanding your email marketing campaign and more to make sure that more eyes are on it.

So often, clients are their own worst enemy because they set unrealistic expectations or think there’s some magic formula that is going to get them results at a fraction of the cost of their competition. The reality is that you have to do the work, be patient and spend the money. If you are in the hands of a good agency, you will see results and have a successful marketing campaign.

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